Are you a woman experiencing hair loss?

Experiencing hair loss as a woman is more than difficult, it can be devastating and traumatizing... because let’s face it, it is not as widely accepted in our society as it is for men. The truth is, about 30 million women will experience hair loss in their lifetimes in comparison to 50 million men. Those numbers aren’t as far apart as they may appear. It’s unfair that a phenomenon that is so widely accepted among the male population, is secret women have to keep or are made to feel ashamed of. No woman should ever feel ashamed of losing their hair, because losing your hair does not define you.

There are several different types of hair loss that women may experience during their lifetimes. It can be genetic, due to postpartum, postmenopausal, and many other medical reasons. Hair loss shouldn’t negatively change any woman’s life. Women who are experiencing hair loss shouldn’t have to miss out on special events or experiences because they are ashamed of their hair loss. Having full beautiful hair does wonder for anyone’s confidence, and everyone deserves to feel confident. There are so many different options for disguising female hair loss and it is important to find the best one that matches your needs.

One hair loss solution that has been increasingly popular in the last few years is hair toppers for women. They are an affordable and easy way for women who are experiencing hair thinning or partial hair loss. They differ from wigs because rather than being designed to cover the entire head, they are designed to clip into the areas that need the most coverage. Hair Toppers are lightweight, easy to use, and will seamlessly blend in with your natural hairstyle and color.

 hair toppersIt’s important for women who are experiencing hair loss to understand that as hard of an adjustment this can be, they are far from alone. This isn’t something women need to face on their own, thankfully there have been so many more advancements in the wig industry that will make you feel confident and beautiful.

There are so many different styles, features, and designs out there to fit all of your needs whether it be coverage, maintenance, comfort, or color. Hair toppers are a great wig alternative and an ideal hair solution, they will give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair while blending in with your hair. Partial hair loss is a very stressful experience, fortunately, you are not alone, and we want to guide you every step of the way. We like to welcome you to the world of hair toppers. Be bold, be you, and go on! Always remember that the most important thing is to live a positive and confident lifestyle.