Solutions for Women Experiencing Hair Loss

For one of a hundred reasons, a woman can find herself staring at herself in the mirror and realizing she’s experiencing hair loss. This can be devastating, but some solutions can help, like hair toppers.
It’s understandable if hair toppers are something you are not familiar with. While wigs and hair extensions are rather commonplace in 2020, toppers are not as well-known.
Hair toppers go by many names: top pieces, half wigs, and wiglets. Still, all of these terms refer to one product. Out of the box, a hair topper looks like a part of a wig, hence the name “half wig.” That’s an accurate description of a hair topper.
Unlike wigs, but like hair extensions, top pieces attach to biological hair. These can attach with clips, tape, or glue. The most common (and quickest) attachment is with pressure-sensitive clips.
The methods for attachment between extensions and hair toppers are the same, but the location is not. While extensions attach lower on the hair, toppers clip onto the top of the head. Hair toppers are intended to blend in seamlessly with your biological hair.

When it comes to hair loss, men tend to get a receding hairline. Essentially, their loss starts at the front of the scalp. Meanwhile, women often get visible thinning at the crown instead. Usually, it makes its appearance with a widening hair part.
Hair toppers for women are the perfect solution if you are experiencing hair loss at the top of your head. You may be thinking, “Okay, sure, but doesn’t a wig do that as well?”
You’d be correct and if you are suffering from advanced to total hair loss, you may choose to go the wig route, especially if your condition is progressive.

Not all hair thinning leads to complete hair loss though. Unfortunately, numerous common conditions can lead to hair thinning, such as thyroid disorders, anemia, PCOS, menopause, or even pregnancy.
Most of these conditions don’t lead to complete hair loss. It’s possible to have a widening part at the crown of the head or other hair thinning but still have healthy biological strands lower down.
No matter the amount, visible hair thinning can cause self-esteem issues but hair loss does not define your beauty. Many may choose to disguise it. Hair toppers for women are created as a solution to conceal hair loss and bring back your confidence.

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