Achieve More Volume with Hair Toppers

Hair toppers are a great alternative to wigs as a partial alternative hair loss solution. When applied, blended and color matched properly, hair toppers offer a natural looking solution for women with partial hair loss. They offer coverage, added hair density, and volume enhancing your existing bio hair. Unlike wigs, hair toppers do not offer full coverage to your entire head, they simply add coverage and volume to the top of your head.

There are various shapes and sizes of hair toppers offering a wide array of options that conceal thinning hair or hair loss around the scalp, crown, and front hair line. If you wear extensions, hair toppers are the perfect way to help blend the extensions in and make them undetectable.

Top of Head by Hairdo

Top of Head by Hairdo

How to Choose a Hair Topper

Hair toppers offer a very natural look for anyone in need of some volume and coverage. Since your bio hair is meant to blend with the hair topper, choosing a color as close to your bio hair as possible is essential.

Because hair toppers must clip into a sturdy amount of bio hair, purchase a topper that covers the area of hair loss and the area around your hair loss (of at least an inch) to ensure you have enough hair for the topper to clip into.

Depending on your amount and area of hair loss, you can apply the hair topper so that the monofilament part lines up with your part. Just open the clips on the underside of the topper and place the front of the topper either at the edge of your hairline to cover up any hair loss at the front of your scalp or place it 1-2 inches behind your hairline. You can even pull out some of your hair in front for a more natural look.

Once you’ve secured all the clips, pull the base tight over your scalp to ensure it's secure. The volume is instantly built-in!  

Alpha Wave by Raquel Welch

Alpha Wave by Raquel Welch

Want More Volume?

Since hair toppers offer built-in volume on their own, there’s no need to add any. Thanks to style retention, they come pre-styled in the shape you choose and will naturally fall back into that style anytime you wash and dry it. But if you desire a little more volume on your topper, we suggest backcombing. Start by placing your topper on a wig head and spraying the root/part line with some styling spray or even dry shampoo. Then comb the wig out starting at around 3 to 4 inches away from the scalp up to the root with a dense comb. This should give you even that added volume!

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