From A-Z: Your Beauty Glossary to Common Hairpieces Terms

The world of hairpieces is so exciting and vast, which can sometimes be overwhelming. But don't fret - we do the work for you, and in case you need help understanding the lingo, check out this list of common hairpieces terminology! We hope this makes for an even easier shopping experience. And of course: should you still have questions, please don't hesitate to call our team of Hair Enthusiasts.

  • Cuticles
The hair cuticle is an integral part of human hair. It not only serves as the protective layer of your hair, but it also helps hold the hair shaft on the follicle. On Remy human hair toppers and hair pieces, with the cuticle running in the same direction, the hair is less likely to tangle.
  • Dip-dyed
Dip dye is a classic two-tone colouring technique, where the hair is dark at roots with light ends. It is quite a statement colour, as there is no real blend between the two colours. Normally you’d go 4 to 5 levels lighter for the lengths and ends, for example from a brown at the roots to a very light blonde on the tips.
  • Double Mono Top (Double Monofilament Top)
The double monofilament top provides multi-directional styling and looks like natural hair growth. The extra layer of monofilament makes it smooth, soft and comfortable on the scalp.
  • French Drawn
The art of French drawn base designs are catching the attention of those seeking the most natural look in alternative human hair. The knots are completely hidden in between the layers of glass silk, giving the most natural looking parting and the appearance of scalp.
  • HD (Heat Defiant)
Heat defiant, or HD, hairpieces are made up of synthetic hair fibers which are specifically designed to withstand heat. You can straighten or curl HD heat defiant hairpieces using heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Although you can use heat up to 350 degrees on HD heat defiant hairpieces, it is recommended that you stay around 280 degrees to keep the hairpiece looking lively.
  • Lace Front
Lace Front means a thin, nearly invisible lace material to which hairs are tied in one by one. The result is very natural looking hairline and the illusion that the hairs grow from your scalp.
  • Monofilament

A monofilament is a fine mesh fabric that is incorporated into a hairpiece cap's construction. The transparency of the mesh allows the color of your own scalp to show through the fibers tied to the top of the hairpiece. This feature makes a hairpiece look more natural.

  • Mono Base
The Mono Base is made with an ultra fine mesh material where individual hairs are hand-tied to the lace material giving the illusion of hair growth from the scalp. The weave of mono base material is tighter that lace.
  • Oz (Ounces)
Unit used to specify the overall weight of the product
  • Paraben-Free
When it comes to hair, parabens are basically a transparent ingredient. Parabens are water-soluble molecules, so they are easily rinsed and do not cause any buildup on hair.  However, parabens have a high molecular weight, which prevents evaporation and subsequent water loss from the hair, leading to frizziness and dry hair. Those with oily scalps are also more prone to micro-organism growth and scalp infections. Using a paraben-free clarifying treatment and shampoo can help normalize oil production on the scalp while also keeping it clean from bacteria.
  • Remy
This term describes the way human hair was collected for a hairpiece. If a hairpiece is designated a Remy, that means 100% of the human hair in the hairpiece was collected in such a way that all the cuticles of the hair fiber are all facing the same direction. This may sound insignificant, but Remy is the highest quality. The fibers all facing the same direction create a soft and luxurious feel. Plus, it’s less likely to tangle.
  • Topper (Top Piece, Topper, Hair Topper)
Many people are turning to top pieces. There are many names in use for this kind of hairpiece such as toppers, wiglets, partial wig, top piece, or toupe. However, hair topper is more commonly used and it is a perfect solution for adding volume and coverage at the top of the head when hair extensions can’t reach.
  • Tru2Life
Amazingly versatile, Tru2Life Heat-Friendly synthetic hair can be curled, blow dried, or flat ironed to create a new look in minutes. Luminous, hand-blended, salon-inspired colors provide the look and highlights of natural hair.
  • Vibralite Fiber
Vibralite synthetic hair gives the natural look and feel of glossy, protein rich hair. Vibralite fiber even holds its shape after washing. With our incredible color palette of nuanced Shadow Shades ®, highlights, and spotlight colors, it’s easy to see why Vibralite is regarded as one of the best fibers in the world for wigs and hairpieces.
  • XL
Used for hair toppers with an extra large base. These are meant for those wanting advanced coverage at the top of the head.
  • 100% Hand-Tied
These hairpieces are preferred by women with hair loss because they offer the softest and most comfortable cap. Each hair on the entire hairpiece cap is hand-tied onto the base, creating a smoother surface. This is ideal for someone with a sensitive scalp and total hair loss.
  • " (Inches)
Unit used to measure the overall length of the product (crown till the ends) as well as the base measurements.