Are Hair Toppers Bad For Your Hair?

Hair toppers are temporary hairpieces that clip into the hair. Toppers add coverage and volume to the front hairline, top, crown, or whole head depending on the topper you choose. As an easy solution to cover up thinning hair, hair toppers have become more popular over recent years as they allow people to show their own hair - compared to a wig that does not allow any natural hair to be shown.

Hair Toppers with Bangs

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Concerns About Hair Toppers

Since hair toppers use clips to attach to your natural hair, you may be wondering, are hair toppers bad for your hair? The answer is no! Hair toppers can only damage your hair if you are applying the clips to unhealthy or damaged hair. If you are experiencing hair loss, it’s essential to make sure you use the right-sized topper for your coverage area. For example, if you have thin hair at your temples, you will want to stray away from applying the topper clips in that location. To learn how to measure your head for toppers, watch the video below.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing A Hair Topper?

If you’ve tried all options to make your thin hair look thick, then the benefits of hair toppers are vast! Toppers provide area-specific coverage and flexibility since these hairpieces are temporary and are applied with easy-to-use clips. Available in all hair fiber types, you are able to find a hair topper in your price range. Also, hair toppers are available in a variety of color options, so you’ll be sure to achieve the perfect blend with your natural hair. Lastly, hair toppers allow your hair to be shown, so you will still feel like yourself and see your natural hair. 

Wavy Topper

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Can You Wear A Hair Topper On Natural Hair?

Yes! You can wear both synthetic and natural human hair toppers on your natural hair. If you want a synthetic hair topper, it’s important to match your hair color and texture to the topper. For example, if you wear your hair straight, a straight synthetic topper will be your best choice! Synthetic toppers are not as versatile as human hair toppers. So, if you like to change your hairstyle frequently, human hair toppers will be an excellent choice for you and your versatility needs! 

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Can You Wear A Hair Topper Year-Round?

Because toppers only cover a portion of your hair, these hairpieces are perfect for year-round wear! Whether it is hot and humid out or dry and cold, you can comfortably wear your hair topper to add coverage and volume to thinning hair.

Using a hair topper can solve many thinning hair problems, including flat hair and hair loss. Ensuring your hair topper is the right size is crucial to your success with these hairpieces. Take our product finder quiz to find your ideal hair topper in just three easy questions!

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