Can You Wear Your Hair Up in a Topper?

Hair toppers are an amazing solution to help conceal hair loss and give your hair a voluminous look. With their easy application method, having flawless hair has never been simpler. However, that does beg the question: can you wear your hair up in a topper? 

Yes, you absolutely can! Hair toppers are designed to look and feel like bio hair, so you can easily integrate and style them along with your natural hair. Whenever you’re wearing your hair up in ponytails, braids, or other updos, make sure you’re not pulling the hair back tightly. This will put stress on the clips and tug on your hair, potentially causing breakage and more hair loss. Plus, you’ll lose that seamless blend, making it obvious you’re wearing a topper. You don’t want that! 

How to Wear Your Hair Up in a Topper: 

  • First, prep your topper by shaking and combing out your topper.

  • If your topper is heat friendly, go ahead and style it on a canvas block head with heat tools. Give the fibers time to cool before applying your topper.

  • Position and attach your hair topper. Make any adjustments as needed.

  • Next, take the hair from the top portion of your topper and use it to measure how high you want your updo to be. 

  • Now take strands of your natural hair and combine them with a few strands of the topper.

  • Gently pull the hair back into the desired hairstyle. Make sure the hair isn’t too tight. 

  • Secure the hair with a hair tie or clip.

  • Enjoy your new look! 

Tips on Making Your Topper Look More Natural 

  • When your hair is up in the topper, try leaving a few hair strands around your hairline and ears for a more natural appearance.

  • If parts of your scalp are showing after you pull the hair back, try loosening the hair in that section to help conceal the areas. You can also use hair powder or concealer to help hide where your scalp is peeking through. 

  • If you feel your hair topper is too shiny, spray with water or dry shampoo to “dull” the fibers.

  • If you have any sparse areas around your hairline or the roots aren’t matching, you can use hair powder (or shadow) to help match your hair and topper. 

Wrapping Up

Wearing your hair up in a topper is not only possible but can be a stylish and seamless way to enhance your natural look while concealing hair loss. By following the right steps and tips, you can easily integrate your topper into various updos, such as ponytails and braids, ensuring a natural and voluminous appearance. Remember to handle your topper with care, avoiding tight styles that could stress the clips and cause damage. With a little practice and the right techniques, you'll be able to enjoy the versatility and confidence that hair toppers provide.

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