Do hair toppers damage your hair?

Many people wonder if hair toppers can make hair loss worse and we’re here to reassure you that there are precautions you can take to make sure this doesn’t happen! 

Measure your hair loss for correct base size

Wearing a topper that’s too small can cause damage to your biological hair. To prevent this from happening, make sure to measure the area where you need coverage and choose a topper base that’s large enough to clip outside of the perimeter of your hair loss. *Always add about an inch to width and length measurements to ensure your topper clips land in hair that is strong enough to support the hairpiece. Re-check your measurements every 6 months for any changes.

Properly apply & remove your topper

The key to a comfortable topper is making sure that the clips aren’t pulling or overdirecting your bio hair. To attach your topper correctly:
  • Step 1. Open all of the clips 

  • Step 2. Position your topper where you want it to lay on your head 

  • Step 3. Holding one hand securely over the middle of your topper while it’s sitting on your head, use your other hand to gently clip into your hair starting with the front clip, then work your way to the other clips.

If you feel pain or pulling from any of the clips, unclip and re-attach until all clips are secured comfortably. To remove your topper, simply undo each clip from back to front, and slowly remove it from your hair by “peeling” it away from your scalp. Check out our tutorial for a more in-depth look at topper application and removal!
Avoid sleeping with clip-in toppers attached
We know life happens and hitting the hay with your topper on may not always be avoidable. Sleeping in your topper can cause tension on your bio hair from the clips which can lead to traction alopecia, so try to avoid it if you can. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re not able to remove your topper at the end of the day, we recommend using a scrunchie to pull all of your hair into a low ponytail which will reduce the tension of the clips pulling on your hair. If you have shorter hair try a stretchy, cloth headband to help keep your topper in place while you sleep. 

*If you’d like to sleep in your topper more regularly, you might consider a professionally bonded topper which is glued on with adhesive, offering a more semi-permanent attachment

As long as you’re wearing a topper that provides adequate coverage and you know how to attach and remove it correctly, your hairpiece should fit comfortably and cause you no issues!

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