How Long Do Hair Toppers Last?

Hair toppers are known for their relative ease of wear. Not only are they low maintenance, but unlike wigs, they do not require any adhesives or a grip band to wear. A hair topper is a hairpiece that clips directly onto your bio hair, providing coverage to your scalp. They are useful when your hair begins to visibly thin as they are meant to cover any balding areas on the scalp. Depending on the size, hair toppers cover the front, top, crown, or even your whole head. Hair toppers should blend in with your existing hair, so it’s important that when choosing a color, you get as close to your bio hair as possible. 

Hair toppers are an easy solution for thinning hair, giving you the volume and length you desire with the right amount of coverage. However, just like wigs, they require proper care, especially if worn daily.  

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Synthetic, Heat-Friendly, or Human Hair Hair Toppers

Hair toppers come in many different styles, colors, and lengths. The fiber used in hair toppers can either be synthetic or human. Synthetic hair toppers come styled, so they require little to no styling and are typically not as expensive as human hair or heat defiant toppers. They generally are a low investment option for casual wear. A heat-friendly topper is a synthetic hair topper that gives a more natural look and does well with heat styling and products. If you’re going for a look comparable to human hair but aren’t quite ready for that big of an investment, a heat-friendly topper is best. It does, however, require more maintenance than synthetic and is prone to tangling if not properly cared for. Human hair toppers are the most natural-looking but take the longest to style and maintain. They tend to be lighter and cooler than synthetic toppers and bigger investments. Plus, just like biological hair, they react to the weather.  

How to Maintain Your Hair Topper

No matter which hair topper you choose, we highly recommend proper maintenance. Like with wigs, it’s essential to wash your hair topper every 7-9 wears, especially if worn every day. Because your scalp is not naturally secreting oils onto your hair topper, it does not benefit from skipping a wash and having the oils work their magic on your hair. Leaving your hair topper dirty or oily will result in a dingy, tangled look. To refresh and wash your topper, try BeautiMark shampoos and conditioners. Using proper moisturizing and styling products will also increase the longevity of your hair topper. Like wigs, it's best to leave toppers to air dry.

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How Long Do Hair Toppers Last?

With the proper care and maintenance, your hair topper can last six months to over a year. You can increase the life of your hair topper by taking the appropriate steps to wash, dry, and maintain it. When you aren’t using your hair topper, store it in a silk bag or a clean box, so dust and debris do not accumulate on the topper. 

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