How To Make A Hair Topper Look Natural

Along with matching color and length, blending your hair topper into your biological hair is key to achieving the most natural look.  Here are some expert tips to guide you on how to blend your hair topper from styling to placement that will help you make your hair topper undetectable.

Expert Tip #1: Create and Line Up Your Part

It’s important that your hair topper is parted to line up with your natural part.  

For synthetic hair toppers, use a comb to define your desired part, rub your hands until they are warm, then press down on the fiber and hold for 10 seconds. The warmth from your hands will soften the fiber and knots that are hand-tied onto the topper base.  This will help  the fibers lay more flatly in the new desired direction. 

For human hair toppers, spray the roots with water and part the hair to your preference, then using a blow dryer and your comb, dry the part.

Expert Tip #2: Style your topper to match your biological hair

Hair Toppers come in four different fibers:  Traditional Synthetic, Heat Friendly Synthetic, Human Hair, & a Human Hair/Synthetic Blend.  They also come in different textures:  Straight & Wavy or Curly.

Raquel Welch Top Billing 18"   Matching the curl pattern or texture of your topper to your hair underneath is crucial to blending the two. If your hair topper is made with a traditional synthetic fiber, you won’t be able to heat style it, which is why it’s important to purchase one that matches the appearance of your bio hair. If your topper is made with heat friendly synthetic, human hair, or a human hair/synthetic blend, you can heat style it to match your hair. If you wear your hair wavy or curly, style your human hair or heat-friendly topper using a curling iron/wand to match the curl pattern of your hair. If you wear your hair straight, use a flat iron to smooth out the hair on your topper after you have blow-dried it. Always make sure to style your hair topper on a canvas block head and not on your head because styling your topper while it is clipped in will cause tension and pulling on your bio hair which can accelerate hair loss. 

Jon Renau Top Wave 12"

Expert Tip #3: Where do you put your hair topper?

Ensuring proper placement of your hair topper is another factor in determining how undetectable your hair topper is.  Some hair toppers are worn at the very front hairline, such as lace front hair toppers or ones that have a fringe.  If your hair topper does not have a lace front or fringe, we recommend placing it 1-2 inches back from your hairline. If you choose a hair topper with a lace front, there is no blending at the front needed because the lace front creates a natural appearance of a hairline for you. If your topper does not have a lace front, it’s important for some of your biological hair to remain visible on your front hairline which helps to disguise where the base of the topper begins.

Raquel Welch Special Effect

Expert Tip #4: How do you blend hair toppers?

Take some of your bio hair on your front hairline with some of the topper hair at the front of the base and comb together in an upward motion, then lightly tease the root. This will create some lift where the two meet, and will help hide the area where your hair stops and the topper begins.  You can style, comb or brush your hair line into the hair topper until it is undetectable.  If your scalp or the root of your bio hair does not match your hair topper perfectly, use a bit of makeup to blend the base or lace front into your skin.  Use a shadow that matches the root of the topper and brush some of the shadow on your bio hair at the hairline until the root of the topper and your roots match perfectly.   

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