How to Put your Hair Topper in a Ponytail

For a beautiful and natural-looking ponytail, follow these 3 easy steps to ensure your hair topper and your biological hair are blended together seamlessly for a beautiful and effortless looking ‘do. 

1. Match Your Hair Color

It's essential to choose the right hair topper that matches your own color. Need more help? Book a Virtual Consultation or read this:  

How do you match hair color with hair topper? Read more

2. Secure Clips

Secure the clips from front to back to ensure it looks natural and is secure. Place your hair topper in the desired location on your head. Start by clipping the front clip(s) then push down on the top of the hair topper each time you clip in another clip. Be careful not to pull the hair that is clipped in. You want the hair topper to be taut, not tight. 

Blend Topper into Natural Hair

Blend your hair topper in with your biological hair. Take pieces of both your real hair and Hair Topper strands blending them together until your perfect ponytail is formed. Add final touches by pulling a few strands out and tucking any excess hair in – voila! You have yourself one gorgeous 'do!