How to wash Synthetic Hair Toppers

Proper care of your synthetic hair topper will ensure you get the most life out of your system and keep it looking natural longer!  We recommend washing your hair topper every 6-8 full day wears.  

Before you begin, here are the essentials you need:

Beautimark Renew Shampoo for Synthetic Hair

BeautiMark Renew Shampoo

Beautimark Leave-In Conditioner

Wide Tooth Comb

BeautiMark Wide Tooth Comb

Easihair Wide Tooth Comb
Wig Stand


Towel for Drying

A towel


Care Instructions:

Step 1:  Close all the clips on your hair topper

1. Close Clips

Step 2: Detangle  Gently detangle your hair topper by combing through it with a wide tooth comb.

2. Detangle

Step 3: Rinse  Once your hair topper is detangled, rinse it from root to ends with lukewarm water.

3. Rinse

Step 4: Shampoo  Once your hair topper is fully rinsed, set your topper on your towel and emulsify your BeautiMark Synthetic Shampoo in your hands. Then gently massage the shampoo into your topper in a downward motion, starting at the base down to the ends of the hair.  Be sure to massage the base, with the shampoo, using circular motions.

4. Shampoo

Step 5: Rinse  Rinse your hair topper from the base/root to the ends with lukewarm water until all shampoo is rinsed out.  Squeeze the hair topper to remove any excess water once you are done rinsing it (do not ring the hair as it will cause the strands to tangle).  Then lay your topper down on the towel and blot dry.

Rinse throughout

Step 6: Condition & Dry  Place your hair topper on your wig stand and spray (staring a couple of inches away from the roots) BeautiMark Leave-In Conditioner (approximately 4-6 times depending on length). Comb through it (tips to root) one more time and allow to air dry on the wig stand.  Always make sure the ends are hanging (not resting on a surface) to avoid cold setting.

Dry and Condition

Watch the video tutorial here for easy step-by-step instructions. 

Synthetic Hair Topper Care & Styling FAQ's:


  • Wash your hair topper every 6-8 full day wears –or as needed.  If it smells unfresh or has product residue/build-up, you may need to wash it sooner.  A great product to use in between wears is  Beautimark Purifi Spray.  This revolutionary spray neutralizes (not just masks) odors! 
  • Blend your topper into your biological hair. 
  • Style your hair to your preference. 
  • Treat any hand-tied areas (i.e. monofilament and/or lace front) with gentle hands to avoid tearing and/or hair loss on the hair topper.
  • Feel free to use styling products such as:

Flex-Hold Hairspray by BeautimarkBeautiMark Flex-Hold Hairspray

Smooth Detangler by BeautimarkBeautiMark Smooth Detangler

Shaping Creme by Beautimark
Velvet Spray Gel by Beautimark



  • Wash in hot water as it will change the shape of the hair fibers and loosen knots on the base. 
  • Heat style as it will melt the fiber. 
  • Expose to extreme heat (like an oven or heat lamps) as it will melt the fiber and/or reshape the fiber. 
  • Style your topper on your hair.  Any tension, like aggressive brushing or pulling on the clips that are clipped into your hair, will likely accelerate or cause hair loss.  Be gentle when handling the topper once it is clipped in. 

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