Are hair toppers better than wigs?

When it comes to choosing a hair topper or a wig, you might be wondering if one is the superior option over the other. The answer isn’t so simple because it depends on several lifestyle factors as well as your hair loss needs and style goals. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two!

Wigs are great for…

  • Advanced or complete hair loss/when you don’t have enough hair of your own to clip a topper to

  • Changing up your look without the commitment of coloring/cutting your natural hair

  • Quicker transformation (since you won’t be blending a wig in with your natural hair)

Hair toppers are great for…

  • Providing volume to fine, thin hair

  • Disguising hair loss, especially at the top of the head

  • Pairing with hair extensions for a complete look

Other factors to consider…

Lifespan: Toppers and wigs generally have the same lifespan with proper care and daily wear. It really depends on the fiber you choose (keep in mind that these are averages but can vary depending on how often you wear your topper/wig and how it’s cared for)
  • Traditional synthetic: 3-6 months

  • Heat-friendly synthetic: 3 months

  • Human hair/synthetic blend: 6 months

  • Human hair: 1 year

Maintenance/Styling time:

This factor also depends on fiber. Traditional synthetic fiber will require the least amount of maintenance and styling, whereas human hair will require the most. Also keep in mind that you’ll need to style your natural hair and your topper to match, which can take more time than popping a wig on over your hair. 


As long as you’re wearing the correct size, toppers tend to be more comfortable than wigs because they’re a lighter-weight hair piece sitting on top of your head. They’re also more comfortable in warmer weather/climates because they’re more breathable than a wig that covers your entire head. 

Price: Since toppers are smaller than wigs and require less time and materials to make, they’re usually less expensive than wigs

Both toppers and wigs have their own specialized features. Whether you're in the early stages of hair thinning or your hair loss is more advanced, there's a solution available for everyone.

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