Are Hair Toppers Good for Thinning Hair?

Hair toppers are hairpieces that clip into your natural hair to provide volume and coverage to the front, top, or crown of your head. These hairpieces are lightweight, breathable, and allow you to show your own hair compared to wigs that cover all of your hair. Best of all, hair toppers don't require a lot of maintenance!

Wavy Hair Topper

Style: Crave the Wave by Raquel Welch

How do hair toppers work?

As mentioned above, hair toppers clip into your natural hair, making toppers good for thinning hair. Hair toppers aren't a permanent fix for thinning hair, but they can give you confidence. You'll look and feel like yourself again, but with more volume and style!

If you are tired of using hair fibers to hide hair loss or thinning hair, toppers are ideal for you. To find the right hair topper for you, you'll first need to evaluate your hair needs.

Hair Topper Types

Toppers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. Because there are so many topper types, you may feel a little overwhelmed when you start searching for hair toppers. To find the topper that's just right for you and your hair needs, you'll need to look at four components:

  • Stage of Hair Thinning
  • Area of Hair Thinning
  • Length of Your Hair
  • Hair Fiber Types

To identify your stage of hair thinning, look at the top of your head. Referencing the images below, decide if your hair thinning is in the beginning, mid, or advanced stage.

Hair Thinning Hiding

To confirm your area of hair thinning, reference the images below. We recommend looking into a mirror and using a hand mirror to see all areas of your scalp, including the back of your head. Once you have a good idea of the areas you'd like to cover with a hair topper, determine if you need coverage at the fringe, part, crown, or all.

Head Hair Thinning

For your hair length, you will need to determine if your hair is short, medium, or long. Using a flexible tape measure, measure your hair starting from your crown and extending the tape measure to your ends. Once your hair is measured, you can see which category you fall into. Short hair is less than 8" long. Medium-length hair is around 8.25" - 13" long. Long hair is above 13.25". 

Hair Length for Hair Toppers

To determine which hair fiber is best for you and your lifestyle, you'll need to evaluate your desired lifespan, look, and budget. Synthetic hair toppers and heat-friendly synthetic hair toppers look and feel like real hair and are the cheapest hair topper options. However, these hair fiber types have the shortest lifespan of all hair toppers. Human hair blends and human hair toppers are the most realistic option, and they have the longest lifespan of all hair toppers. However, these toppers are made with real hair, so they can be quite pricey depending on the hair length and coverage level.

Hair Topper with Bangs

Style: Beautiful Illusion by Raquel Welch

Once you've determined all the components listed above, fill out our Hair Topper Finder quiz. In the end, you'll receive a list of all hair topper options that are right for you, depending on your stage of hair thinning, area of hair thinning, and hair length. Plus, all the fiber options are available, so you can compare the styles and determine which one is right for you. 

Hair Toppers Near Me

Hair toppers are a great way to add volume to your hairstyle and cover your thinning hair. Hair toppers are ideal for you if you like low-maintenance hairstyles while still having the flexibility of applying hair toppers when you want. You can have an instant confidence boost when you have a good hair topper!

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