Are Hair Toppers Noticeable?

Hair toppers are an easy-to-use solution that upgrades your look in an instant. The right hair topper will have you look natural and provide confidence! If you have thin hair or hair loss, you may be wondering if hair toppers are noticeable while wearing these hairpieces. Check out our tips below to ensure you get the most natural look with hair toppers.

1. Matching

Over the years, hair toppers have become more and more popular. Because of this, there are so many options for hair toppers available. Hair toppers come in various hair fibers, colors, lengths, densities, and textures. When choosing a hair topper, matching your natural hair to the topper is essential. Making sure the texture matches is vital. If you wear your hair curly, a wavy or curly topper may be right for you. 

Color matching is also important, but the color does not have to match precisely. Remember that it is normal for hair to be gradient in color - lighter at the top and darker towards the nape. With so many color options available, you'll be able to find a hair topper color match with your natural hair color.

Straight Hair Topper

2. Customization

Hair toppers come in different length and density options, making them ideal for customization. For instance, if you find the right topper that fits your area of coverage perfectly but it has a little too much hair for your liking, take the piece to your hairstylist. While applied, your hairstylist can trim some hair weight and match the length perfectly to your natural hair!

Easy To Apply Hair Toppers

Remember: just because a hairpiece comes a certain way does not mean you cannot customize it! With all hair toppers and alternative hairpieces, customizing your fit and look to your lifestyle will ensure you have the best experience possible.

3. Finishing Touches

Styling is important for ensuring your hair topper blends with your natural hair. Depending on the base construction of your topper, you may need to take an extra step to ensure a seamless look. If your hair topper is clipped into the hair at the top or crown of your head, you tease or back-comb your hair right before the hair topper. This look softens the line between your natural hair and hair topper.

Synthetic Hair Toppers

Jon Renau Styles: Top Coverage Wavy 18” and Top Coverage Wavy 12”

If you have a synthetic hair topper, you may notice that the shininess of the fiber does not match your natural hair. Over time, this sheen will fade with washing. To combat the shine initially, you can spray a light layer of dry shampoo on the piece to minimize the shine. Make sure you start slow and with a bit of product. You can easily overuse the dry shampoo and apply an unflattering white cast to the fiber.

Getting Rid of Synthetic Wig Shine

Pro tip: if you have brunette hair and wear a dark colored hair topper, use a dry shampoo for brunette hair! These aerosol dry shampoos won’t leave a white cast on your chocolate locks. 

Hair toppers can help you restore confidence with a look that's natural and feels comfortable. By following our tips above, your hair topper will not be noticeable, and no one will realize your hair topper is anything but your own hair! 

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