Can I remove a clip on a hair topper to use adhesive instead?

Yes, you can remove the clips from a hair topper and use adhesive instead. Evaluate the base of your hair topper to see what type of adhesive you can use. If the hair topper base has polyurethane strips, you can remove the clip(s) in the desired location and replace with adhesive. Apply and remove carefully. If the hair topper is fully hand-tied with no polyurethane, you can still use adhesive, but it will need to be for lace (not polyurethane). If your hair topper is not hand-tied and does not have polyurethane, you can sew polyurethane onto the desired areas and use adhesive there.  

  • Assess the Hair Topper and determine where you want to use adhesive.

    You can only use adhesive in areas of total hair loss. Do not use adhesive on areas where there is still active hair growth. 

    Examine the hair topper to understand how the clips are attached. Most hair toppers have clips sewn onto the base. Once you know which clips you want to remove, carefully detach the clips using a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper to carefully cut the threads attaching the clips to the base.

  • Choose the right adhesive and create a clean area to apply to.  

    Select an adhesive that is suitable for your hair topper base (100% hand-tied, polyurethane perimeter or wefted that you will have to sew in polyurethane strips to. There are various wig adhesives available, including tapes, glues, and bonding adhesives.

  • Apply the adhesive and attach the Hair Topper.

    Carefully place the adhesive on the desired areas of the hair topper base, ensuring that it sits securely on your head. Press down gently to ensure good contact between the base and the adhesive.

  • Secure the edges and then blend the hair with your biological hair until it looks natural.  

    If you are using tape, make sure to secure the edges of the hair topper. This helps to prevent the edges from lifting. Once the hair topper is securely attached, blend your hair and the hair topper with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. One hand should be placed on the top of the hair topper, securing it to your head, and the other will be combing your hair blending it to make it look natural. Any heat styling should take place before application.

Types of Adhesives

Pro Tips:

  • Always make sure your hair topper extends at least 1” outside the area of hair loss, unless you plan to use adhesive vs clips.

  • Never heat style your hair topper while attached to your head, doing so will likely accelerate hair loss. We recommended styling your hair topper on a canvas block head.

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