How do I choose the right hair topper for me?

Whether you’re experiencing hair loss or you simply want to add more volume and length to your hair, it can feel overwhelming trying to select the right hair topper. Size, material, color and style are all factors to consider when browsing through the vast selection of options. This is why we created a product quiz which can make the shopping process a lot less daunting and guide you to the ideal topper that meets your needs.

Our Hair Toppers Product Quiz will help you…

  • Find product recommendations: Designed to understand your needs, our product quiz generates recommendations tailored to your unique requirements, specifications and preferences. All you need to do is answer a set of carefully curated questions regarding your hair type, concerns, desired style, and color.

  • Save time shopping for a topper: Our product quiz streamlines the selection process, saving time and effort usually spent sifting through an extensive array of products. 

  • Receive guidance from experts: The team of Hair Experts created our product quiz with questions based on extensive knowledge of hair toppers and the goal of simulating an in-person consultation experience. 

  • Feel confident in your choice: Product recommendations tailored to your needs means a much higher likelihood that the hairpiece you choose will meet your expectations. Our product quiz will help give you confidence through the decision-making process. 

  • Select a topper, anywhere and anytime: The quiz is accessible on our website 24/7. This allows you to pick out a topper from the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you’re at, and at any time of day that works for you.

Did you know we also offer complimentary virtual consultations? We’re here to assist, whether you need support in finding the perfect topper or help with trying it on correctly once it arrives.

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