Can I wear a hair topper every day?

If you’re wearing a hair topper to cover thinning hair or hair loss, you probably don’t want to go a day without it. We’ve got good news– you can wear your hairpiece as often as you’d like, but there are a few factors to consider when they’re getting daily use.


Your topper will need to be replaced more often. With proper care and daily wear, you’ll likely replace your synthetic topper about every 3-6 months. You’d retire a human hair topper at around 12 months of wear. However, if you only wear your hairpiece on occasion or you rotate your hairpieces, toppers can last a lot longer than the average lifespan.


Hairpieces should be washed and conditioned every 6-8 wears so if you’re wearing yours daily, you’ll want to plan on giving it a good weekly cleanse. If you exercise in your topper, keep in mind that sweat and oils from more rigorous activities means more frequent washing and replacement. 


Proper sizing and attachment are crucial to comfortably wearing a topper on the regular. Measure and assess your hair loss monthly to make sure that your hairpiece still provides adequate coverage. If you feel any discomfort from the clips after you’ve put on your topper, remove and reattach. It can help to hairspray and backcomb (tease) the roots of your biological hair before clipping on your topper. Lastly, we don’t recommend sleeping or showering in your topper which causes tension on your bio hair and potentially more hair loss.
Modern hair toppers are designed for comfort and realism. They’re an ideal solution for beginning and mid stages of hair loss. To help extend the life of your hairpiece, check out our guides on how to care for your synthetic or human hair topper.

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