Unveiling Ellen Wille's Top Power Collection: 5 New Hair Toppers From Ellen Wille

We are excited to present the newest additions launching this month to Ellen Wille’s Top Power Collection! This lineup of their latest hair toppers caters to individuals at different phases of hair loss with its wide variety of base sizes, styles, and hair fibers. From versatile heat friendly synthetics to sleek human hair toppers, each hairpiece is carefully crafted to accentuate your natural beauty. Ellen Wille is widely known for her hair denier and light density, and her collection of hair toppers will not disappoint you! 



This glamorous hair topper is ideal for women who are thinning on top and/or near the part and in the beginning stage of diffused hair loss. Crafted with 18 inches of luxurious Remy Human Hair, this hair topper is their longest hair topper in this smaller base size. 

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Showcasing 15 inches of luxurious Remy Human Hair, this hair topper has a smaller base size that seamlessly blends into your natural part. Clip this style into your hair for an instant gorgeous look!


Get perfect beach waves right out of the box! This stunning hair topper shares the same base design as Ellen Wille’s bestseller the Effect topper and boasts a great length of 17.5 inches. The heat friendly synthetic fiber allows you to heat style the hair any way you want! Great for mid-progressive stages of hair loss. Stream is a fan favorite early on in this launch.


This beautiful hair topper offers supreme comfort with a natural look, thanks to its hand tied construction and soft tulle top. The Remy human hair adds a luxurious look and feel with its 13 inch length. Ideal for mid-progressive stages of hair loss.


Say hello to the hair topper of your dreams! With an impressive length of 22 inches, this gorgeous hair topper is our longest style. The versatile base size accommodates different stages of hair loss. The unique hand tied design has strips of polyurethane if you want to use adhesive or tape for an extra secure fit. The heat friendly synthetic fiber gives you endless styling possibilities!

For more incredible options, be sure to check out our Ellen Wille Topper Chart:

Ellen Wille’s Top Power Collection demonstrates that hair toppers are more than just hair pieces. These hair toppers make statements of beauty and confidence at every stage. If you’re new to hair toppers or ready to graduate to a larger base size, we offer additional support to all of our clients:

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