Everything you need to know about Hair Toppers!

We'll go over all the essentials to assist you in beginning your journey!

Whether you're experiencing hair thinning, partial hair loss, or simply looking to enhance your natural locks (or cover your roots), we're here to provide you with all the necessary information to help guide you to success with choosing the perfect hair topper for you! 


New to Hair Toppers?

We'll cover all the basics to help you get started!

In the world of hairpieces, it doesn’t have to be a full wig or nothing at all. If you are just looking for some coverage on the top of your head, consider a topper. We'll cover everything you need to know to get started and pick out the topper that's right for you! 


How to measure for Hair Toppers!

Measuring for a hair topper is easy! 

  • Grab a measuring tape (using a soft measuring tape is optimal).

  • Measure the intended area of coverage, side to side, to find the width.

  • Measure the intended area of coverage, front to back, to find the length.

  • Remember, these measurements are the area you need to cover, but not the topper's size. Make sure to add an extra inch to both the width and length measurements. This ensures a secure clip onto your bio hair.


Topper Base Sizes

A Little Coverage

A Little More Coverage

A Lot More Coverage

Hair Lengths


Short hair toppers vary in length from 4” to 8” and are ideal if you're seeking a topper that falls shorter than your chin's length.


Mid-length hair toppers, ranging from 8.25” to 13”, are perfect if you want a hairpiece falling between your chin and collarbone.


Long hair toppers, measuring 13.25 inches and longer, are ideal for those with long hair seeking added volume and length.

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