How to put on a hair topper and blend it with your bio hair

Hair toppers sometimes take a little practice and patience when it comes to putting them on and blending. We’ll help you get the most natural look in minutes by following these simple steps:

Step 1

Style your topper and your hair separately. This will prevent damage to your hair and scalp from the clips causing pulling and tension. Pin your topper to a block head using T-pins to blow dry and curl, then style your own hair with the same look. 

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Step 2

Comb a section of your hair forward around your front hairline which you’ll use to blend with the front of the topper.

Step 3

Attach your topper using the pressure sensitive clips or combs, lining the part of the topper up with your natural part. Aim for placement just behind your natural hairline.

Step 4

Hold one hand on your topper while brushing the topper hair and your hair together.

Step 5

Touch up the front pieces of hair with your curling iron (if you’re wearing your hair curled)

Pro tips: 

  • When heat styling, pin your curls or waves and allow them to cool before popping your topper on, especially if you’re working with heat-friendly synthetic fibers.
  • Fill in any sparse areas around your hairline with hair powder that matches your hair color and topper. It will help disguise any thin areas around your hairline that might still be visible.
  • Play with the placement of your topper because you might discover you like wearing it further forward or further back for a better blend with your front hairline.
  • Consider replacing the front clip on your topper with a comb. This can be especially helpful if your scalp is more sensitive or sparse in that area!

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