Hair Topper Styling Tips

Discover the various hair color families employed by manufacturers and find your ideal shade!

Transform your new hair topper into an undetectable hair enhancement! Discover expert tips on how to effortlessly style your hair topper based on the type of hair fiber you choose and the look you want to achieve. Learn the dos and don'ts of styling human, synthetic, and heat friendly hair, as well as foolproof blending techniques for a stunningly natural look.


Hair Topper Colors

Discover the various hair color families employed by manufacturers and find your ideal shade!

How you decide to style your topper can really depend on a few things - the type of hair fiber you've chosen, and the overall look you're aiming for. But don't worry, we're here to guide you through it all! We'll go over the ins and outs of styling Human, Synthetic, and Heat Friendly Hair. Plus, we'll share some top tips on how to blend in toppers with your natural locks. 


Tips for seamlessly blending your hair topper into your own hair:

  • When clipping your hair topper in, press down on the topper against your head each time you clip in. Do not pull, but make sure it is on securely.

  • If the style doesn’t blend perfectly, take it to your hair stylist and have them trim it into your hair style. 

  • Embrace natural color variations, it’s ok if your hair topper is slightly darker or lighter than your natural hair. You can use a shadow to blend the hair line and root to the hair topper, or pull it closer to your hair line.

  • Opt for human hair or a heat friendly synthetic if you want the option to heat style your hair topper to match your hair texture.

  • If you opt for synthetic hair, matching your hair texture will be important to create a seamless transition from your bio hair to the hair topper. Use dry shampoo on the synthetic fiber if it is a bit too shiny. 

How to Style Human Hair Toppers:

  • Pin your hair topper to a Canvas Block Headthrough the clips (not the cap). Do not style on your head, you will accelerate hair loss.

  • Spritz it with water and brush out the hair topper.

  • On a lower heat setting. blow dry your hair topper with the concentrator attached to protect the hair and ensure precision. 

  • Once dry, brush through again and apply a BeautiMark Pure Care Miracle Protect Spray.

  • Now for the fun part—time to heat style it with a flat iron or curling iron. Your styling options are endless!


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