Can I wear my hair topper to the gym?

Working out in your topper doesn't have to be a worry! It’s totally possible to make your helper-hair part of your workout attire without stressing about it falling off or getting ruined. We’ll share a few simple tips so that you can focus on your sweat sesh and not your hair.


Wear a headband for extra security, especially in yoga class where it’s not uncommon to find yourself upside down. Bamboo headbands are a great option because of their stretchy, breathable feel and antiperspirant nature that helps wick away moisture.

Up Dos

Tie your hair back into a ponytail or braid. With your hair secured and pulled away from your face, you’ll not only be more comfortable but your hair will stay put. For toppers with larger bases, try a low ponytail.

Clean Up Afterwards

Keep in mind that working out in your hair piece means you’ll likely need to wash and style it more often. Be sure to cleanse and condition with care products made for toppers.
Consider having a separate topper just for workouts and know that you might need to replace it more frequently since the extra friction and sweat will break down the fibers and base design quicker.

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