Will TSA make me remove my hair topper?

We’re happy to report that most travelers wearing wigs or hairpieces experience no problems at the airport security check, but in the unlikely event that a TSA agent suspects that you are concealing something, they may ask you to remove your hairpiece or require a “hair pat-down” while you are wearing your topper. According to the TSA website, “hair accessories such as bobby pins, metal clips, ties, wraps, and even bows may cause an alarm.”

To avoid any potential delays, we recommend following the guidance from one of our clients who happens to be a former TSA officer:
  • Discreetly inform security that you are wearing a hairpiece. If they request to perform a hair pat-down, don’t be afraid to ask that they wear fresh gloves.

  • You are allowed to request a private room if you are asked to remove your hairpiece. Your significant other, travel partner, etc., may accompany you in the private screening.

  • If either of the above requests are denied, ask for a supervisor.

  • Make sure to allow extra time to make it through security to avoid missing your flight.

We understand the TSA security line can be concerning if you’re traveling for the first time while wearing a hair topper. We hope these tips help you mentally prepare for a smooth security check. 
If you have traveled within the last year and have had extra security measures taken by TSA, please let us know about your experience in the comments. We want to keep this specialized information as up-to-date as possible!

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