Following the right steps in caring for your human hair topper will ensure it looks more natural and lasts longer. Let’s walk through the steps of washing human hair, but first it’s important to know that alternative human hair needs to be cared for with products specifically formulated for it.  The good news is you won’t need to cleanse daily; we recommend washing every 6-8 full day wears.

Before you begin, here are the essentials you’ll need:


Beautimark Pure Care Hydrating Shampoo


Beautimark Intensive Recovery Conditioner

Beautimark Miracle Protect
Wide Tooth Comb




Step 1(Prepare):  Close all the clips on your hair topper

Step 2 (Detangle): Gently detangle your hair topper by combing through it with your Beautimark Hair Trix Wide Tooth Comb, starting from the ends to reduce tension on the hair and help prevent shedding.

Step 3 (Rinse): Once your hair topper is detangled, rinse it from root to ends with lukewarm running water.


Step 4 (Cleanse): Once your hair topper is fully rinsed, set it on your towel and emulsify the Beautimark Hydrating Shampoo in your hands. Gently massage the shampoo into the hair topper in a downward motion, starting at the base and working your way toward the ends of the hair. Be sure to massage the base with shampoo, using gentle circular motions.

Step 5 (Rinse): Rinse your hair topper from the base/root to the ends with lukewarm water until all shampoo is rinsed out. Gently squeeze the hair topper to remove any excess water once you are done rinsing it (do not ring the hair as it will cause tangling and tension). 

Step 6 (Condition): Apply Beautimark Intensive Recovery Conditioner evenly through the hair, avoiding the roots/base of the hair topper. Conditioner can loosen the knots of the hair hand-tied to the base, causing it to shed. Lay the topper on a towel and allow the conditioner to sit for a few minutes before rinsing.

Step 7 (Final rinse): Rinse your hair topper with cool running water and gently squeeze to remove any excess water.

Step 8 (Dry): Set your hair topper on your towel and blot dry it. Next, set your freshly washed topper onto your wig stand, spray the hair with Beautimark 3-in-1 Miracle Protect, and allow the base to dry completely. Once the base has dried, you can pin your topper to a block head using T-pins, and style the hair using a blow dryer, flat iron and/or curling iron. For more information on styling human hair, watch our video here.


Proper care and handling will ensure the longevity of your human hair topper. For a complete video tutorial covering styling steps, watch our video How To Style Your Topper. 

Human Hair Topper Care & Styling FAQ's:



Wash your hair topper every 6-8 full day wears, or as needed (if it smells unfresh or has product residue/build-up, you may need to wash it sooner). 

Style/blend your topper to match the curl pattern or look of your biological hair.

Be gentle with hand-tied areas (i.e. monofilament and/or lace front) to avoid tearing and/or hair loss on the hair topper.

Use proper care and styling products that are specially formulated for alternative human hair.

Feel free to also use these styling products:

Beautimark Shaping Creme

Beautimark Shaping Crème  

Beautimark Luster Serum

Beautimark Luster Serum 

Beautimark Purifi Spray

Beautimark Purifi Spray 


Wash your hair topper in hot water as it will cause damage to the hair. Lukewarm water will help maintain the integrity of the cuticle.

Apply conditioner at the root/base of your topper to help prevent shedding.

Blow dry or style your hair topper while it is attached to your head.  Any tension, like aggressive brushing or pulling on the clips that are clipped into your hair will likely accelerate or cause hair loss.  Be gentle when handling the topper once it is clipped into your hair.



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