How do hair toppers stay in place?

Hair toppers are designed with a variety of features that help them stay in place. Depending on the type of topper, there are a few different methods of attachment:

Pressure-Sensitive Clips

This is probably the most common way to attach a ready-to-wear topper. You simply open the clips, slide the comb-like "teeth" into your hair and press them closed. Expert tip: always make sure your topper base is large enough to cover any hair loss so that it attaches to hair that is thick enough to support the clips.


Many toppers have base designs that allow you to use double-sided tape. Most have what's called a polyurethane (or "PU") perimeter where you can use toupee tape. You can also use lace front tape on lace front toppers. There is a tape for nearly every topper base design which ensures the best grip for that material.

Liquid Adhesive

Toppers can also be bonded with liquid adhesive. It Stays is a hypoallergenic, roll-on liquid that provides hold which can be detached and washed out with water at the end of the day. We recommend using this adhesive on polyurethane base materials, and it's especially important to cleanse your hair piece really well with the appropriate care products in order to prevent product build up. 

If you need a more secure or semi-permanent bond, this is a common service offered by hair replacement centers which are trained to use professional-grade adhesives. This type of bond can last for several weeks before having to be reattached. 

The type of topper attachment you choose depends on your lifestyle and needs. We encourage you to take ourtopper quizand if you have further questions about the best way to secure your topper, we're here to help!

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