How to Store Hair Toppers

You've covered the basics of topper care like washing, styling and putting them on—now take your game up a notch by learning how to store hair toppers correctly. Proper storage is key for helping keep synthetic or human hair pieces looking fresh! Here are our top tips for keeping those luscious locks in perfect condition between wears.

1. Tame your topper before you store it

You wouldn’t put dirty clothes away in a drawer so don’t do it with your hair either! Make sure to gently detangle your topper using a wide tooth comb and check if it’s ready for a wash too; if you’ve worn it 6-8 times, it’s likely time to be cleansed and conditioned. Be sure to use care products formulated for your topper as well.

2. Never store a damp topper 

The fiber and base materials on a topper that haven’t dried completely can attract mold and dust. Always place it on a wig stand to dry thoroughly before it’s packed away.

3. Think about short term vs. long term storage

If you plan on wearing your topper every day, a wig stand is a suitable spot to set your topper overnight. However, if you’re only wearing it on special occasions or you’re rotating your hair piece with other ones, you might consider popping it back into the box it came in, which will keep it protected for longer periods of time that you’re not wearing it. Traveling? Try a travel bag like the ResQ Bag Mini.

4. Avoid excessive heat and direct sunlight

Heat is fine on human hair and heat friendly synthetic toppers when you’re styling them, but extended exposure to the sun or hot temps can dull their color and weaken the hair. Store your topper in a cool, dim area to be safe.

5. Pick a safe location

Your closet is a great place to tuck away any hair investments, ensuring they stay cool & dry. Closets are also typically out of reach from curious children and pets - all who have been known for wig destruction! 

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