How much hair do you need to wear a topper?

Hair toppers are an ideal solution for those with fine or thinning hair. If your hair loss is more advanced or your hair is on the shorter side, you might be wondering if you have enough tresses for a clip-in hairpiece. 

The first step in determining if a topper is appropriate for your needs is to identify your stage of hair loss. We typically refer to the stages as beginning, mid and advanced.

If you’re in the advanced stage of hair loss, your biological hair may not be strong enough to support topper clips and it’s possible that a full wig is the better option.
To ensure you pick a topper with adequate coverage, carefully measure the area of hair loss (width x length) and add an extra inch to your measurements. Then compare your measurements to the topper base sizes when you’re shopping for styles. Choosing the correct topper size ensures the clips of your hair piece comfortably attach to healthy strands rather than thinning ones. 

When it comes to hair length, we recommend that your biological hair is at least a few inches long in order to securely attach a topper. Larger base sizes offer more coverage, which means they have more hair, and can effectively conceal your shorter hair underneath. To view these toppers, you can check out our selection for fuller coverage. For a balanced look and to add thickness or length to the lower half of your hair, you can also consider incorporating clip-in hair extensions.

If you're still unsure if a topper is the right hair loss solution for you, we encourage you to book a virtual consultation with our team of Hair Experts. We’d love to help you achieve your hair goals!

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