How Often Should I Replace My Hair Topper?

Average Topper Lifepands

The fiber your topper is made of and how you care for it have everything to do with how long you can expect it to last. On average, these are the typical life spans with proper care and daily wear: 
  • Synthetic fiber: 3-6 months

  • Human hair: about a year

  • Human hair / synthetic blend: 6-12 months

If the fiber has frizzed beyond repair, the base has lost a substantial amount of hair or is falling apart, it’s definitely time to consider a new hair piece.

Tips for longevity:

  • Cleanse every 6-8 wears with shampoo made for synthetic or human hair toppers

  • Use a detangling spray like BeautiMark Smooth Detangler along with a wide tooth comb to reduce tension on synthetics when you’re combing out tangles

  • Deep condition human hair when the hair starts to feel dry

  • Store it in a safe spot like on a wig stand or in a ResQ bag

  • Have more than one topper and wear them in rotation


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