My Hair Topper Looks Weird Right Out Of the Packaging! Why?

What is “box hair”?

Are you disappointed with the way your hair topper looks when you take it out of the box? Don't worry, it's normal! Synthetic hair fibers can develop kinks or bends during shipping and storage, causing them to have a different shape than you want. It can also happen during travel while your hair piece is packed in your suitcase. This is called "box hair", but it's usually easy to fix with a little bit of styling. 

How to remove “box hair”

For minor cold setting, all you need is warm water, a spray bottle and a wide tooth comb. Spray the area you want to relax with warm water, gently comb through and let it air dry. 

More “box hair” solutions

Dealing with stubborn cold crimping? Grab awig steamer! Using your wide tooth comb in one hand and steamer in the other, gently steam out kinks in the fiber with the hose directed at the problem area. Let it air dry and voila! Perfectly smoothed tresses.

If your synthetic hair topper is heat-friendly, a flat iron or curling iron will usually do the trick and remove any pesky crimps.

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