Choosing A Piece That's Right For You

Ponies and Buns and Bangs... oh my! As the ever-changing world of alternative hair continues to grow, more and more options become available to spice up your look without the commitment of a full wig. Navigating the sea of options can sometimes be tricky, but don’t fret! Finding the perfect hair piece is easier than you think!  


From Madonna to Ariana Grande, the long ponytail extension has made its mark as a fiercely fashionable trend beloved by every generation. When choosing your own pony, a great place to start is with your reason for this hair piece. Are you looking for lavish length like Ari? Or something more subtle for easy on-the-go wear? Ponies range in length from about 12” to 23”, so once you know your look, you’ll be one step closer finding just what you need. Once you’ve decided on length, you should consider the texture you’d like. If you’re looking to get the most natural look, ensure the pony texture you choose matches your own bio hair. Next, you should consider color. The great thing about ponies is that they look great even when they aren’t an exact match! Snag your closest shade for seamless blending or one shade lighter for a gorgeous ombre.


The best thing about hair bun pieces, is that they take the real life hassle out of the perfectly “messy” bun. This timeless style has plagued us all for years, but with a rather small hair piece, looking effortless is actually effortless. Choosing your bun is as simple as choosing your top. Once you’ve decided the look you’d like to achieve; textured, romantic, elegant or messy, the rest falls right into place. Just like ponies, these stylish pieces look great no matter the color you choose. Choose a blended shade for dimension, a shade closest to your bio hair for the most natural look, or a shade darker to really make a statement. 
If you’re fiending for fringe a clip in bangs will get you just what you need without the commitment of a cut. From side-swept to blunt cut, the range of options can be almost as scary as the chop. When choosing your piece, it’s best to consider your face shape and bio hair. For a wider face, try a long, textured full fringe. Textured pieces will frame the face providing a sleek, narrowing effect. For a narrow face, go bold with a blunt cut bang with a little tousled styling. If you have a lot of hair, try piecey bangs, to blend seamlessly with your bio hair. And if you have an oval face, just take the plunge and try any style. Dramatic, piecey or wispy, your fringe addition will look great without question! 


So are you ready to dive in? Your perfect piece is right around the corner!


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