Top 3 Bridal Hair Pieces

With clip-in hair pieces, looking picture perfect all day has never been so easy. From voluptuous volume to elegant updos, these top 3 bridal hair pieces are sure to make a splash on your big day. 

#1STYLE-A-DO Duo Pack - For the woman looking to grace the aisle with a stunning updo, this hair wrap pack makes the perfect addition! Fit for any length or texture, this set includes two hair wraps that can be combined or worn separately based on your preference. Whether you wear it high or low this chic hair piece is perfect for the bride on the go. 

#2 - 22” Wavy Fineline Extensions Kit - If your big day calls for lavish length, then this 4 pc kit is sure to make waves! Their lightweight design will leave you with a look so seamless, you’ll forget you have them on. Whether you’re hitting the dance floor, or racing to stop mom from singing that one really embarrassing song, the heat-friendly synthetic fiber will keep your look in place all night long. 

#3 - 18” Simply Straight Pony - When your bridal look demands sleek chic, a ponytail extension is a great element to add that perfect touch of volume! This high-fashion pony is easily installed with combs and clips, and provides wonderful security with an attachment concealing wrap around strip. No matter where you place her, this gorgeous hair piece is sure to make a statement. 


As a bride to be, your hair should be the least of your worries! Try one of these lovely bridal hair pieces and make your bridal look a breeze! 



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