Best Shampoo For Toppers

Whether it be synthetic or human hair, your hair topper is an investment that requires the utmost care to ensure its long lifespan. The type of shampoo you use can play a huge role in maintaining the quality of your piece.  

Hair Topper Shampoo

When caring for your human hair topper, it is important to keep in mind that this fiber does not completely function like real hair. Toppers don’t get the nutrients or benefits that our scalp’s provide, so they must be treated much more gently than our bio hair. Most shampoos don’t take this into account, so these products often include ingredients such as sulfates and parabens which can strip the hair of its natural oils. The best cleanser to use on your piece is BeautiMark’s Hydrating Shampoo. Why? Because it was designed with alternative hair in mind. It’s free from harsh toxins, is gentle on the hair and provides strength while preserving the color and adding softness. This revolutionary product features a curated blend of amino acids and avocado oil which moisturizes and nourishes the piece, without buildup, leaving it looking gorgeous for longer. 

Synthetic Hair Shampoo

The great thing about synthetic hair toppers, is that they can handle a little more abuse than human hair. But while they are stronger, they must still be treated with care to maintain an undetectable appearance. The best cleanser to use for your synthetic topper is BeautiMark’s Synthetic Renew Shampoo. Its paraben-free formula gently cleanses the fibers while clearing away dulling residue, leaving you with a beautiful, long-lasting piece. 
Now that you’re on your way to keeping your piece healthy, there are few more things you should keep in mind; You cannot not use synthetic cleansers on human hair, synthetic hair does not need to be washed as often as human hair, and always follow with a conditioning agent to lock in moisture. If you follow these tips, your topper is sure to stay in tip-top shape!

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