Hair Toppers With A Little Coverage

When you look in the mirror, you may notice that your hair might not be as full as you once remember. Maybe your part has become wider, your hairline is more sparse, or that your ponytail is smaller than it once was. You may be wondering why is my hair so thin and then go online to search for hairstyles for thin hair or even how to hide scalp with thin hair. The internet is filled with suggestions for powders, vitamins, creams, haircuts, and even more to help hide or fix thinning hair. Those may be good options for you, but we have a solution that's even better and works for everyone. Yes, we said it, everyone! Have you heard of hair toppers?

What Are Hair Toppers & Who Are They Made For?

Hair toppers, also known as top pieces and hair pieces, are clip-in pieces designed to provide coverage and volume to the top of the head. Ideal for those you have been searching for how to style thin hair, hair toppers can be worn at the front, top, crown, or sides of the head. Unlike wigs, hair toppers are designed to cover isolated areas of the head, instead of the entire head. Blending in with your own hair, hair toppers help give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair. These pieces snap into place with pressure-sensitive clips and can be applied quickly once you get the hang of it.

Check out the video at the end of this blog to learn more about hair topper measuring!

After you've done a little research, you'll see that hair toppers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The part that clips into your hair is called the base. Topper bases can range from small to large in size - the larger the base, the more coverage it provides. See how we recommend how to make thin hair look thicker and where to buy hair toppers below.  

Beginning Stage of Hair Thinning: When You Need Just A Little Coverage

Gradual hair thinning is a normal part of aging and can even be triggered by medication, stress, or genetics. You may not notice that your hair is thinning since it usually happens slowly over time; you may just see that your hair is shedding a little more than usual when brushing or after washing. Hair thinning is typically dispersed throughout the entire head but can be concentrated in a certain area like your hair part. 

For how to make thin hair look thicker at the part or crown, we recommend exploring hair toppers in the A Little Coverage category on Hair toppers in this category have bases that measure from 1" to 4" in width. These top pieces may be small, but they offer incredible results. Providing subtle volume, they are very lightweight and can conceal a thinning part or crown. 

Whether you have short or long hair, hair toppers come in all hair length options as well as all hair fiber types, including human hair toppers. For your first hair topper, we recommend trying a topper with a monofilament base. This base type makes it look like the hair is growing right out of your scalp! This material is also thinner than a traditional top piece, so you will have a seamless blend between your own hair and the hair topper. 

With hair toppers this size, you need to make sure that your hair and topper's color match. Since these pieces’ bases are small, your hair will be showing more than hair toppers with a larger base size. Need help finding your perfect color match? Our Client Care Representatives can assist you with finding your color and the right topper for you!

Hair toppers are your solution for styling thin hair at the front, top, and crown. With a little boost, you can conceal hair thinning while still being able to see, touch, and feel your own hair. With so many hair toppers to choose from, you'll be able to find your perfect match in no time. Are you ready to start feeling like yourself again? Then, try hair toppers!

Note: If you're looking for a little more coverage than your part or crown area, we recommend browsing hair toppers in the A Little More Coverage category. Need help measuring for your first hair topper? Watch the video below for measuring help and quick tips for choosing the right fit.

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My colored hair is light to med brown , little gold highlights, few. 75% gray, pl help me find the right color.

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