There Is A Solution For Your Hair Loss, And It Works!

Thinning hair is something that we all fear and hate. It can really affect your self-esteem when you are balding or losing your hair. There are options out there that work to help you get thicker hair, but none of them seem to be better than hair toppers.

Hiding Thinning Hair

Whether you're male or female, hair loss can be emotionally and physically upsetting. It can rob you of your confidence and make you very self-conscious. Scroll through social media or watch a few commercials on TV, and it's easy to feel like everyone else has thick, flowing locks. The truth is that hair loss is a common problem. About half of all men experience some degree of hair thinning by age 35, and about two-thirds of women have experienced some degree of hair loss by the time they reach 60. Luckily, there's a solution for your hair loss problem, and it works... Hair Toppers!

Hiding Hair Loss

The good news is that there are many hair topper options available to help with hair loss problems. Many of these options are affordable, and all hair toppers are simple to use, fashionable, and effective in changing your look instantly! Hair toppers have been around for a while, but today's hair toppers look more natural and blend in better with your real hair than ever before. 

Hair Topper Before and After

Style shown: Malibu by Noriko in color Kandy-Brown-LR

Hair toppers are available in a variety of hair fiber types, including synthetic, heat-friendly synthetic, human hair blends, human hair toppers, and Remy human hair toppers. Once you decide which fiber is best for you, you can choose which base materials are ideal for your hair and lifestyle. Base materials for hair toppers can include lace front, monofilament, hand-tied hair toppers, or wefted. 

To find your perfect hair topper, take our quick quiz! You'll have a narrowed-down list of hair topper options to choose from by just answering 3 questions. 

Hair Topper Help

If you choose to cover your thinning hair due to hair loss, we believe that the best option is to use a hair topper. Hair toppers are fashionable and suitable for those seeking a solution to their thinning hair problem.

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