How To Use A Color Ring To Match Your Hair Topper

We understand that finding your color can be challenging when shopping for a  hair topper or hair pieces. Our color ring program allows you to purchase a professional color ring

of small color swatches to help you find the best hair topper color that will match your biological hair. Once you’ve chosen your color, send the ring back and receive a refund or store credit to use towards your next order!  You are also welcome to keep the color ring which can be beneficial if you like to change up your hair color. 

Be sure to choose the corresponding brand of color ring  based on the brand of topper you’re looking to purchase as well as choosing the color ring with the correct type of hair fiber. Colors can vary amongst brands and different fiber types. Human hair and synthetic fibers, can show a variance in color from fiber to fiber.  For example: the color 8 might look warmer in human hair than it does in synthetic fiber. If your color ring is made up of human hair, we recommend replacing it every 1-2 years as colors may fade, and be sure to store it in a dark, dry place to prolong its life. Heat and sunlight may cause the color to fade and can cause the integrity of the fiber to break down. 

Each manufacturer has a particular way of coding their colors, which can be confusing at times. If you need support with choosing a style, picking a color, or have questions about color rings, we encourage you to book a complimentary Virtual Consultation with one of our Hair Experts, email us, or call us 1-800-300-6001.   

For tips on how to color match your hair topper to your biological hair, visit our blog here

Please keep in mind, these color rings are designed for professional use only. They will not clearly represent blends or the rooted colors as they are merely small swatches of hair to show exactly which colors are used in the manufacturers color combinations.

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