What Are The Best Hair Toppers For Short Hair?

When shopping for the best hair toppers for short hair, there are several questions to consider; how do you wear short hair toppers? Does a hair topper on short hair look different than it does on long hair? Do you color match a short hair topper the same way you would a wig? We’ll dive into these answers as well as some recommended styles.

Wearing a short hair topper is similar to wearing a topper of any length. You’ll start by choosing the correct topper for your style or hair loss needs using our product finder quiz. Next, utilize the color selection on that hair topper’s product page and possibly a professional color ring to choose the best color match. Once your new hair arrives, it may need some customization depending on how you like to wear your hair. Hair toppers for very short hair sometimes need the lengths to be cut or blended with your bio hair underneath. This is where toppers often look different on short hair because your bio hair will almost always still be visible under the topper, whereas toppers on long hair usually match the length of your bio hair and tend to cover most, if not all of it. You may also find that you prefer additional color customization such as adding a root, highlights or lowlights to it. Always consult with a professional stylist who is experienced in cutting or coloring alternative human hair.    

Color matching hair toppers can be more challenging than picking a wig color; this is because you need to match the color to your biological hair underneath. Visit our blogs, how to match your hair color with a topper and learn about our color ring program, which will assist you in choosing the best match.

If your topper is all the same length as your bio hair or has a larger base covering most of your head, it’s a little easier to color match since most of your bio hair will be covered by the topper hair. Sonata by Raquel Welch is an example of a short topper that covers the entire top of the head. Its Memory Cap® construction and 4 pressure sensitive clips provide a secure, comfortable fit.

               Sonata by Raquel Welch                                    Before Sonata 

Another similar style with a larger base that provides more coverage is Playmate Straight by Jon Renau. The open wefted cap keeps it feeling light, cool and comfortable. 

Jon Renau Playmate Straight

If your topper has a smaller base which only partially covers your hair or just the crown of your head, it’s important that the color transition from the topper to your bio hair matches on the front, sides and back of your head. New Addition by Rene of Paris is a fully wefted clip-in topper designed to give more volume at the crown, exactly where many need it most.

Rene of Paris New Addition

Short hair toppers for thinning crown or for thinning hair make up some of the most popular options since many women experience thinning as they age. With its gently curled style on a flexible monofilament base, Lyric by Raquel Welch gives a boost to your crown. This clip-in style provides a polyurethane strip on the front to accommodate tape for added security.

Lyric by Raquel Welch 

Short hair toppers with bangs are often easier to wear because you won’t have to worry about blending your front hairline with the topper. Top Mono by Ellen Wille features a clip-in monofilament weft base as well as a polyurethane strip along the front. Its longer layers on top and its fringe on the front provide additional coverage.

Ellen Wille Top Mono

Styling short hair toppers is a breeze. You can style them with your fingers and wear them out of the box or add some Shaping Crème by BeautiMark to enhance their layering. For synthetic hair toppers, visit our blog here for proper care. For human hair toppers, visit our blog here for proper care which can differ slightly from synthetic care.


Hair toppers for short hair come in all sorts of base sizes, designs and hair lengths. As always, if you’d like support in finding the perfect topper, we encourage you to book a complimentary Virtual Consultation with one of our Hair Experts, email us hello@hairtoppers.com, or call us 1-800-300-6001.

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