3 New Hair Toppers from Raquel Welch


Raquel Welch Hair Toppers

For those that have come to love her wigs, you might be wondering: does Raquel Welch make toppers, too? She sure does! Whether you’re looking for toppers with bangs or toppers with highlights, Raquel Welch offers some of the best hair toppers for women. So which hair toppers are the best of the best? We’ll cover the top 5 most popular topper styles that women have come to love, as well as a few new additions available this fall.

We’ll start out the top 5 list with Sonata. If you are looking for a short hair topper, this popular piece is a clip-on synthetic hair topper that covers the entire top of the head and includes Raquel Welch’s signature Memory Cap® construction as well as 4 pressure sensitive clips for comfort and security. Its short tresses make for effortless styling that allow you to wear the piece right out of the box with a quick shake, making this topper a great choice for women with short hair who are looking for a low maintenance style.

Raquel Welch Sonata

If you are looking for Raquel Welch Hair Toppers with bangs Faux Fringe is next on our list. THis hair topper combines a fashionable fringe and a monofilament crown for women who want bangs but without the commitment of cutting their hair. It seamlessly attaches using 4 pressure sensitive clips for comfort and security. This synthetic topper is ideal for bob hair styles, but also looks great on longer hair lengths to create a more layered look.

Raquel Welch Faux Fringe

The casual, beachy waves on Alpha Wave 16” are always on trend. The monofilament top on this clip-on hair piece allows the hair to be parted in any direction and the heat-friendly synthetic Tru2Life fiber gives you the ability to wear it curled or straightened depending on your mood. It also has a polyurethane front rim to accommodate tape for added security.

Top Billing is such a customer favorite that Raquel Welch is expanding its offerings this fall; stay tuned for more on this below! This piece is a Sheer Indulgence lace front hair topper with a monofilament top and 4 pressure-sensitive clips for a secure fit. Its Tru2Life Heat-friendly Synthetic Hair Fiber looks and feels more like human hair and can be styled with heat tools. Top Billing is the perfect hair topper for thinning crown and is one of the first to have a lace front.

The final topper on our list, Chameleon, is a clever hair enhancer offering both fringe and coverage for those experiencing hair loss on the crown of the head. It features a monofilament base with a Sheer Lines Monofilament Front for added styling versatility, as well as three strategically placed pressure sensitive clips for a secure attachment. These clip-on synthetic bangs will change your look in minutes and are available in several salon-inspired color blends.

The newest Raquel Welch Hair Toppers make up her Fall Transformations Collection. You asked for more variations of your favorite volumizer, Top Billing, and we’re happy to share that it will now be available in 18”, 14” with wave, and even 16” human hair! 

 Top Billing 18”  provides a slightly longer option than the original Top Billing but with the same topper base and lace front you know and love. This heat-friendly synthetic style exudes both glamor and poise.

Top Billing 14” Wavy features soft, wavy locks that hit just below the shoulders that come pre-styled with soft waves.  The base size is 7” X 7.5”, offering nice coverage over the crown and a lace front allowing you to pull it all the way to your hairline. It is a heat friendly synthetic, so you can have endless heat styling options or leave it as it comes. 

If you wear human hair toppers or you’re ready to transition from synthetic to human hair, 16” Top Billing,  may be the perfect option. Featuring a 8.5” X 10” base and 16” of human hair, this lace front hair topper will be undetectable!

Whether you’re looking to add bangs for the season or searching for the perfect solution to your hair loss, Raquel Welch has you covered!  Are you still wondering, how do I find the best hair topper?    Use our product quiz and/or book a free video chat with one of our experts.

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