Hair Pieces For Women

Hairpieces for women come in all shapes and sizes; from smaller additions like hair buns to volumizers like hair toppers and hair extensions, you’ve got a range of products to choose from depending on the look you’re going for. You might also be wondering, how long do hair pieces last? We’ll take a look at some customer favorites as well as the lifespan you can expect from your helper-hair.
Hair wraps, headband hairpieces and ponytails are favorites for many occasions, whether you need a simple but stylish look for a night out or a matching accessory for members on a dance team. They even make great additions for those looking at hairpieces for weddings. 

Hairdo Style-A-Do

Style-A-Do is a set of two synthetic hair wraps, which you can wear separately or together to create a multitude of looks within minutes. Just wrap the elastic-band pieces around a ponytail or bun and create an instant updo or messy space-knots. Best of all, they’re made with heat-friendly fiber so they can be flat ironed or curled!

Hairdo Casual-Do Wrap

Highlight Wrap by Hairdo

Two heat-friendly synthetic hair wraps that are just as easy to wear and create versatile looks are Casual-Do Wrap and Highlight Wrap. Casual-Do Wrap features alternating hair lengths and barely curled fiber for a casual, chic vibe. Highlight Wrap offers subtle, contrasting colors and hair lengths for an eye-catching, tousled look.

easihair Playful

The top-selling Playful is our most budget-friendly option on our list of synthetic hair pieces. Similar to the styles mentioned above, this traditional synthetic piece easily wraps around your bio hair to add an elegant accent in seconds

Hairdo Modern Chignon

Modern Chignon is a clip-and-go style thoughtfully designed to work easily with your own hair for a soft, loose chignon effect. The claw clip attachment this style has works great on hairpieces for short hair because you don’t need a bun or ponytail to wrap the piece around. Also made with heat-styleable synthetic fiber, it can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools and blended into your natural hair texture. 

Hairdo Spiky Clip

Spiky Clip is a bold, clip-in piece that’ll make an instant impact when you walk in the room. Whether you’re going to an art exhibit or a punk rock show, this statement style fits right in. It attaches to your hair using a secure three-pronged clip for a natural look


Trendy-Do by Hairdo 

A unique cross between ponytail and bun is the Trendy-Do. This lively hair wrap has cascading tendrils of heat-friendly fiber which can be worn curly, straight or a mixture of both if you’re feeling adventurous.

Hairdo Clip-In Human Hair Fringe/Bang

Bangs & fringes like Clip-In Human Hair Fringe/Bang are a great way to transform your look without the commitment of cutting your hair. Attached by 3 pressure-sensitive clips, the monofilament crown connects the fringe and longer layers which blend seamlessly into your hair. Human hair pieces and human hair toppers can easily match the texture of your biological hair with a little heat styling.

Rene of Paris Halo (Hat not included)  

Halo and Hat Magic are clever synthetic hair enhancements that are a great alternative to wigs. Meant to be worn under your favorite hat, scarf or head cover, they create the illusion of a full head of hair along the sides and back. The open design on top allows for ventilation to help keep your scalp cool and the adjustable elastic bands are designed to fit a range of head sizes. Halo by Rene of Paris is made in 12 inch hair length and even comes with a detachable bang! Hat Magic by Jon Renau is made in both 10 and 16 inch hair lengths for the option of a shorter or longer look.


Hat Magic 10"                                                           Hat Magic 16" 

 by Jon Renau

Hairdo Top of Head Hair Topper

Hair toppers for women are the most common hairpieces for thinning hair. To learn more about them, visit our blog where you’ll find an array of topics relating to these hair loss solutions. A great post to start off with is “The Power of Hair Toppers

So how long should all of these hair pieces last you? It greatly depends on the fiber and how it’s cared for. For styles made of synthetic or heat-friendly synthetic fiber, you can expect to get anywhere from 3-6 months use if they’re worn daily. Styles made of human hair often last longer than synthetics; 6-12 months on average. If worn infrequently, to the occasional wedding for example, your hair piece can even last several years! Proper care and handling will help to extend the life of your hair piece so be sure to use care products specifically formulated for the fiber. We encourage you to visit our range of BeautiMark clean hair care products, as we want you to have the best experience with your new hair.

Picking out hair pieces and wigs can be very different from one another. Since there are many options to choose from, you might be asking yourself “How do I choose a hair piece?” Our team of Hair Experts is happy to help guide you to the best piece for your occasion! We encourage you to book a complimentary Virtual Consultation, email us, or call us 1-800-300-6001.

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