Can You Wear Hair Toppers with Extensions?

So many of us have had that dreaded moment when a stranger notices your weave peeking out from underneath your thin head of hair. This is all too common when your hair isn’t full enough up top to hide your extensions, but we’re happy to share that there is a perfect solution for this hair-wearing faux pas.

Hair toppers and hair extensions are as great a pair as bread and butter. Together they create a complete look, and they’re the answer to the popular question asked by many women trying to conceal their helper-hair; how can I hide the extensions on top of my head?

Invisible 16" by Hairdo is a unique, clip-free hair extension that slips on like a headband to add instant length and thickness. Position a half-inch behind the front hairline and brush over the thread to conceal, or add on a topper for additional volume at the crown and top of the head. Made with heat-friendly Tru2Life fiber, it offers styling versatility so that you can add waves or leave it straight, matching your bio hair texture or your mood. You can also create fun looks with it by braiding or pulling it into a ponytail.

EasiPieces by Jon Renau are designed to be worn with or without toppers to create a fuller head of hair in minutes. These discreet, clip-in volumizers are made with 100% Remy human hair and add effortless volume to fine or thinning tresses. They’re made in several different sizes, ranging from 4” to 9” widths as well as 8” to 16” lengths. This makes them easy to layer and comfortable since there is very little weight to each piece.

So how exactly do you choose and apply easiPieces? Jon Renau has created the following helpful tools to guide you through these steps! The amount of pieces that you wear depends on how full you’d like your hair to be and if you will be wearing a topper along with them. We generally recommend 2-3 pieces, depending on if you plan to wear a topper and how large the base of the topper is. If your topper has a small base like easiPart by Jon Renau, you can easily wear 3 easiPieces. However, if your topper has a larger base like Top Billing by Raquel Welch, it’s likely better to stick with 2 easiPieces.

Sizes to choose from:
Step 1: Use a comb to part your hair horizontally where you will be placing the first weft lowest on your head, and clip up the top portion of hair. Gently back-comb your root where you will be placing the clips as this will create a more secure attachment

Step 2: Start with the clips in the middle of the weft and attach to your root. Work your way to the outer clips and once you have secured each clip, let a layer of hair down to cover the weft. 

Step 3: Repeat each step above for each weft you are layering on. Check to make sure your last weft attached is no higher than your temple to prevent it from showing through your hair around the curve of your head. If you’re pairing a topper with your easiPieces, it’s also important that all wefts fall below the perimeter of the topper as you do not want to clip the topper over any of the wefts. 

Jeanine has naturally fine, thin hair. easiPieces add just the right amount of volume where she needs it most.

Here you can see how undetectable the easiPieces base design is

A few expert tips for wearing a hair topper with your new extensions:

Tip # 1: When worn near the crown clip in hair extensions can be hidden by a topper. However, ensure that the topper base does not clip over the wefts. The wefts should clip outside the perimeter of your topper.

Tip #2: Wear human hair toppers with human hair extensions for the most natural look and color match. You can mix fibers and wear a human hair topper with heat friendly synthetic extensions, but human hair will always blend best with human hair. 

Tip #3: Depending on the length of your bio hair, you might be wondering, how do you blend extensions with blunt hair? Will they look okay under my topper if the length isn’t exactly the same? Depending on your hair style, you may need to have your extensions cut to match the exact length of your hair. For example, if you like to wear your hair in a blunt, shoulder length bob. However, if your hairstyle is long and layered, you likely won’t need your extensions to be cut and they will layer nicely underneath your topper. Always consult a professional hair stylist who is experienced in cutting alternative hair when needing customization for your extensions or topper.

Tip #4: Can you tell if someone is wearing a hair topper with their extensions? Not if they are properly color matched to your bio hair and the same texture or curl pattern. For support with picking out the perfect hair extensions, hair topper or both, we encourage you to book a complimentary Virtual Consultation, email us, or call us 1-800-300-6001.

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