Matching Your Hair Topper to Your Hair Length

For the most natural look, we recommend matching your hair topper length to your biological hair length.  Toppers come in various lengths, from short to medium and long.  There is a strong probability that you will not find a hair topper that matches your exact hair lengths.  Here are some tips from our experts to help guide you to finding the right topper coverage in a length that will work best for you. 


Expert Tip #1:  

Determine your area of coverage needed by following the measuring instructions below. 

How to measure area os hair loss

Expert Tip #2:

Measure your biological hair length.  Start at the crown of your head and measure the longest length of your hair.  If your hair measures 8” or less, your hair length is “short.”  If your measurement is between 8.25” to 13” your hair length is “medium.”  If your hair measures 13.25” or longer, your hair length is “long.”


Hair Length

What if my biological hair length is shorter or longer than the topper lengths listed?

  • If your hair is shorter than the lengths listed above, we recommend you take your hair topper to a professional stylist to cut and style it to blend naturally with your hair.
  • If your hair is longer than the lengths listed above (or you fall in between short and medium or medium and long, we only recommend you go shorter if your hair is layered.  Even then, you might still need to have it trimmed/styled to blend in with your bio hair. 

Most women will need to make some type of customization to make their topper blend perfectly.  We recommend taking it to your hairstylist (or an alternative hair expert) to “cut and style” it into your existing biological hairstyle for best results.   


Expert Tip #3:

Take our Hairtoppers Product Quiz!  Now that you know your measurements for base size and what length your hair falls into, you can use that knowledge to help you find the perfect hair topper.  This will help you take all the guesswork out of your shopping experience!  

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