How To Apply & Remove A Hair Topper

How you apply and remove your hair topper matters. That’s because applying your hair topper correctly will determine if it looks natural or not. Also, more importantly, if your hair topper is not applied correctly, it can cause scalp sensitivity and even accelerate hair loss. If removed improperly, it can cause additional hair loss. That's why we think applying and removing your topper correctly is essential; here’s how!

How to Apply a Hair Topper:

How to Apply a Hair Topper
  • Place the hair topper over the measured area of hair loss, including bio hair around the affected area, and check the mirror for accurate placement.
    • If the hair topper has a lace front, place the hair topper where your natural hair line should start.
    • If the hair topper does not have a lace front, but you will be wearing a fringe (or bangs), place the hair topper where your natural hair line should start.
    • If your topper does not have a lace front, and you will not be wearing a fringe (or bangs), place the hair topper 1-2” (approximately two fingers width) back from your natural hairline and blend your bio hair in with the hair topper.
  • Secure the front clip by scooping in a small amount of hair and pressing the pressure-sensitive clip down.
  • Smooth down the top of the hair topper by placing your hand on top of the base as you secure the next clip, keeping the base flat and taught against your head. Repeat this step until you have secured all clips. Do NOT pull on the hair topper when applying. The hair topper should be taught against the scalp (not tight) for the most natural look. If the hair topper is pulling your hair or causing discomfort, unclip the hair topper in that spot and adjust it until it feels comfortable.
  • Blend your hair topper with biological hair and style as desired.


  • If there is no hair present (or not enough) where the hair topper has a pressure-sensitive clip, you can remove the clip and use an adhesive such as Walker Tape.
  • The lace front toppers we carry are ready to wear, but if you want additional security, we recommend Walker Blue Tape For Lace Front.
  • If you prefer a clip to be positioned in another location on the topper, carefully remove the clip and sew it in the preferred placement. But be careful not to puncture your topper!

How to Properly Remove a Hair Topper:

Removing a Hair Topper
  • Unclip (open) all pressure-sensitive clips by “un-scooping” the hair from the clips. Once all clips are open, start at the front clip. Slowly pull the clip up while removing it from your biological hair and “peeling” the topper from the front to the back. Repeat this step with each clip until the topper is fully disengaged with your natural hair.
  • Doing this slowly and with ease is essential to prevent pulling hair and causing hair loss.
  • Place your hair topper on a Wire Wig Stand or an Acrylic Wig Stand; when you are not wearing it, allow the topper to breathe and air out while maintaining its shape.

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