The Benefits of Lace Front Toppers

A top piece or hair topper is ideal for anyone looking to add some volume or coverage to their biological hair. A hair topper is designed to conceal or cover hair thinning and hair loss all around the scalp or in one particular area. Unlike wigs, they do not provide full coverage; they are meant to enhance and blend in with your natural hair.   

Types of Hair Toppers

Before purchasing a hair topper, determine the amount of hair loss you’ve experienced and which stage you are in. This will help when choosing the base size for your hair topper. Also, make sure you include the area of hair loss and the outside area of bio hair for your topper to attach to. Take Our Hair Topper Quiz to Find Your Match. 

After you’ve determined the size of the topper, you’ll want to pick a base. A monofilament base is made of a mesh material that gives the appearance of natural hair growing from the scalp and is best for those with thinning hair at the part. A classic base features rows or wefts of hair, which can be integrated into your hair within the hairpiece and would work for those with thinning hair at the crown. 

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Why Lace Front Toppers? 

It’s true that just like wigs, hair toppers provide coverage in various styles, fibers, cuts, and colors. Hair toppers come in heat-friendly synthetic, human hair, and synthetic hair options depending on your needs. Since a topper is meant to complement your existing hair, you want to find a shade as close to your bio hair color as possible.

You also want your topper to not only blend in with your bio hair but to be a natural and comfortable part of your everyday life. If your lace front topper has a monofilament top or a hand-tied base, you can achieve a natural-looking part that may be lacking in other forms of hairpieces. Lace front toppers also provide an undetectable hairline. Plus, they’re easy to use! 

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More Benefits
Aside from the natural-looking hairline and easy-to-attain hair part, lace front toppers have other benefits. Lace front toppers will cover any visibly thinning parts of your scalp and are light and more breathable than a regular wig, which can be dense and heavy depending on the fiber. In addition, hair toppers allow for daily application and removal. Applying a lace front topper is a breeze–the cap comes with pre-attached pressure-sensitive clips that adhere right into your bio hair. And, with hair toppers, you can achieve a much more natural look when wearing your hair up and back because the hairline will be virtually undetectable. 

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How to Apply

Be sure to position the lace front topper at the edge of your hairline if you have hair loss at the front of your scalp. If you are experiencing hair loss in the part or crown, you can position your topper just behind your hairline, allowing some of your bio hair to peek out. Then, clip the topper into strong bio hair 1-2 inches from your area of hair loss or thinning. 

After that, you can style and blend as you see fit, then you're ready to go! 

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