How Do Hair Toppers Work?

A hair topper is a hair piece (or top of the head hair extension) that adds coverage, volume, and/or length to particular portions of your head by clipping into your bio hair. It's meant to conceal thinning hair or hair loss around the scalp and blends in with your existing bio hair.  

A hair topper is carefully constructed and made from hand-sewn hair strands attached to a monofilament cap made of breathable mesh-like fabric. They are usually worn by those with thinning hair or advanced hair loss but not for complete hair loss. Hair toppers are not recommended for anyone with complete hair loss since the coverage is not comparable to a wig. They can also be worn simply for additional volume or length.

Fringe Hair Topper by Hairdo

Depending on the style, hair toppers often have a monofilament top (a breathable mesh-like fabric) that the hair strands are carefully hand-tied to resemble a scalp and offer the wearer the option to part their topper to match their desired part. Hair toppers are the perfect alternative hair option for women with partial hair loss. Hair toppers are not recommended for anyone with total hair loss since the coverage is not comparable to a wig. They can also be worn simply for additional volume, length, or even to cover roots between salon visits.

Hair toppers can be made from synthetic and human hair, depending on your preference. To ensure your hair topper fits correctly, you’ll need the correct base size. We recommend measuring the length and width of the desired coverage area-- plus 1” outside of that area where the hair topper will clip into your stronger bio hair follicles.  

Hair toppers vary not only in fiber and texture but also in base size and color. Therefore, choosing a color and size which closely matches your bio hair is best. 

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How to Wear a Hair Topper

Different toppers use different methods of attachment to clip into your existing hair. Some offer more coverage than others, but all are designed to blend with your hair when applied correctly and seamlessly.

Once you have found your perfect hair topper, just clip it into strong bio hair, and you're ready to go!

Top Coverage 18" by Jon Renau

How to Position and Secure Your Hair Topper

Hair toppers come with pressure-sensitive clips in either a monofilament or classic construction cap.

The cap is attached to the top of the head or the crown of the head using the clips and an adhesive or both. Only use adhesive in areas if you have total hair loss, and where there is polyurethane (or lace front), materials place the adhesive using the correct adhesive products.  Before placing it on your head, open all the clips on the underside of the topper. Place the front edge of the topper approximately 1-2 inches from the front of your hairline, positioning it over the area of hair loss, then secure the front clip.   If you’re wearing a lace front topper, place the topper at the beginning of your hairline in the desired position before clipping it in. 

With light pressure, run your fingers over the length of the base of the topper to secure the back clips into your bio hair. As you secure the side clips, pull the base securely over your scalp for the most natural look.

Pro tip: Our hair toppers are ready to wear and can be worn without adhesive, but if you are looking for additional security because you have total hair loss in places where the clips will need to clip in, we recommend Walker Red Tape to be used on polyurethane and Blue Tape for the lace front. If you use the blue tape on the lace front, please follow the removal instructions carefully and use Jon Renau Lace Let Go.


Hi Reni,

That’s a great question! Yes, toppers can cause damage if not used in the right way. What we mean by this is it is vital that the clips of the topper not be clipped into an area of hair that is thinning. Second, you don’t want the clips super tight because that can also cause damage. Last, we recommend removing the topper correctly and taking breaks from wearing it.

We hope this was helpful!


Hair toppers Expert

Hairtoppers Representative January 05, 2023

I have always heard that hair extensions are bad for your hair, because they pull your natural hair out. Is that true of a topper as well?

Reni Cook January 05, 2023

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