Top 3 Toppers with Bangs

Hair toppers are a great way to experiment with alternative hairpieces without the total commitment of wearing a wig. Hair toppers are not only great solutions for thinning hair but for those looking for coverage, body, and volume. A big plus is that hair toppers require little shaping; they are ready to wear as soon as you take them out of the box! No adhesives, wig caps, or wig bands are necessary when wearing a hair topper.

It’s important to note that hair toppers only cover portions of the scalp or the crown of the head where hair is thinning and do not offer a wig's full coverage.  Wearers should have enough bio hair to clip into securely or use Walker Red Tape in areas with total hair loss where the topper has polyurethane to use the adhesive. With that being said, they are very natural-looking and comfortable to wear all day long! Human hair or synthetic hair toppers offer so many styles and options for hairpieces and blend easily with your bio hair. Plus, they are easy to maintain and can hold a style all day long. Lately, we’ve loved how chic toppers with bangs look. If you’ve never tried a topper with bangs, we have three options we think you’d like! 

1. Fringe Hair Topper by Hairdo 

Try the Fringe Hair Topper by Hairdo for a complete bang look reminiscent of the “flower child” days. This heat-friendly, synthetic hair topper adds volume and a bit of spunk to your look. The bangs can be styled completely straight across your forehead or to the side, thanks to the 2.5” x 5” hand-tied monofilament base, which also boasts a natural-looking part. This topper is perfect for those with hair thinning, mainly at the part, since the monofilament base is long and skinny. This heat-friendly synthetic topper can be styled with hot tools and is perfect for root coverage in between touch-ups to provide coverage.

2. Top Tier by Gabor

Top Tier by Gabor has a broader monofilament base at the front of the piece that measures 9” x 3 ¼” and is designed for those with mild to moderate hair loss at the top and front hairline. The wefted cap has four small pressure-sensitive clips placed strategically throughout to be secured to sturdy bio hair. This synthetic topper is perfect for anyone wanting wispy face-framing bangs that can be worn forward or parted to the side. The topper works well for those with mid-length to long hair, blending perfectly with your bio hair. Your stylist can also trim it if you’d like shorter layers. 

3. Mini Hair Topper by Amore 

This sleek synthetic hair topper enhances your bio hair with the finest quality human hair on the market: Remy human hair. The Mini Topper by Amore has a smaller base, 2.75” x 1.5," and is designed to fit where you need it. We recommend placing this one at the front of your hairline an inch or so away from your hairline, so you can take full advantage of the thick set of bangs this hair topper has. The mono top allows for bang styling in any way you desire. This topper provides coverage for mid-stage hair loss, but it gives volume and added depth to your bio hair! 

Fun fact–if your topper has a monofilament top, any topper can have bangs cut into it by a professional hairstylist. 

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