Can you sleep in hair toppers?

Sleeping in a hair topper can be useful in uncomfortable situations. Maybe it's your first time snuggling up with someone new, or you’re staying over at a friend’s house and they haven't been clued in yet about your hair secrets. It’s completely fine if you aren’t ready for that conversation!

Not Recommended

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s safe to snooze while wearing your topper, do know that it’s a common question, but the answer isn't necessarily straightforward. 

Yes, you can wear a topper while sleeping, but it’s generally not recommended. Doing it often can lead to issues, both for you and your helper-hair, including damage to both your hair and the topper. Try these two simple tips to help keep your topper from moving around and tugging on your hair:

-Braid your hair or put it in a low ponytail

-Wear a stretchy, cloth headband

Consider Other Options

During the day, gravity is on your side and your hair piece is sitting comfortably on top of your head. Wearing one to bed means it’s lying down with you, but also rubbing against both your head and the surface you’re sleeping on. Over time, the friction and tension can lead to traction Alopecia, which you definitely don’t want! Sleeping in your topper also means twice the wear and tear and you’ll end up shortening it’s lifespan.

If sleeping in your topper is becoming more of a nightly occurrence, consider whether a bonded hair piece might be a better fit for your needs, as there are options available with more of a semi-permanent attachment. 

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