How much hair is needed for a hair topper?

Consider Your Base  

Hair toppers can be the perfect solution for fine or thinning hair, and the first step is choosing the right hair piece based on your needs. Toppers come in many different shapes and sizes, but too small of a base won’t provide enough coverage and can even cause damage to your existing hair. 

Measure Hair Loss Area

When picking out a topper, be sure to measure your area of hair loss and add an extra inch to your measurements for adequate coverage. This will make sure the clips of your hair piece land in healthy strands - not thinning ones!

Start Small & Natural

If you have fairly short locks and you’re wondering if you have hair that’s long enough to use a topper, we recommend that your natural hair be at least a few inches long for secure attachment. The larger the base size, the more hair the topper will have which will help cover your shorter hair best. You can also add clip-in hair extensions to balance out your look.

Still not sure which topper to go with? We offer a detailed guide on how to measure for a topper as well as an online topper quiz to help you determine which hair pieces may be best for you.

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