Can you wear a hair topper all day?

Are you wondering if your hair topper can withstand a 9-5 workday or an all-day trip? These innovative hairpieces are designed for extended wear, with a focus on comfort. Here's how you can ensure your topper fits securely without the need to take it off throughout the day.


Make sure you’re wearing the correct size:

If the base on your topper is too small or doesn’t provide the right amount of coverage for your needs, the clips can cause tension on hair follicles that might already be weak if you have thinning hair. Always measure your area of hair loss and add about 1 inch to both the length and width. This allows you to choose a hairpiece that’s large enough to clip to stronger biological hair surrounding the area that needs coverage.
Make sure the clips feel comfortable:
 If your topper isn’t clipped in comfortably, tension on your bio hair that we mentioned before can make your scalp feel sore by the end of the day…ouch! Here’s a quick and helpful video on how to attach a topper in order to avoid overdirecting or pulling on your bio hair. If it doesn’t feel quite right after you first attach it, take it off and try again.
Make sure to detangle: 
 Just like natural hair, and especially with longer hair lengths, your topper can become tangled if it’s been a long or active day. While your hairpiece is clipped in, use your free hand to hold it down at the center and gently work through any tangles with a wide tooth comb.

With these simple tips, your topper should stay put without causing discomfort no matter the length of your day or busyness of your schedule!

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