How Do You Match Hair Color With Topper?

Making sure your hair topper matches the color, length and texture of your biological hair are crucial to achieving the most natural look. Here are our expert tips to color matching your hair topper.


Expert Tip  #1 Choose the color family closest to your biological hair color

  • 1 to 1B are black colors
  • 2 to 12 are browns
  • 14 to 26 are blondes
  • 27 to 33 are natural red colors
  • 130 to 132 are vibrant reds
  • 34 to 60 are grays

Expert Tip #2 Match your biological root color to the hair topper  root color

Matching your root color to the topper root color is crucial.  If your bio hair is one solid color, root and all, it can be pretty easy to color match. However, when your root is a different color from the rest of your hair, it’s important to choose a rooted (or shaded) color that matches your natural root. The rooted color will be included in the color name and number.  You can review pictures or if you have a color swatch, hold each swatch up to the face-framing area of your bio hair, and check that both the root and the rest of the swatch As long as your root color matches the topper root color, you can even wear a topper that has a different overall color tone as much of the top of your head will be covered by the topper. match your hair.  

 Expert Tip #3 Use a color ring to match color

When ordering online, it can sometimes be difficult choosing colors, and screen brightness or saturation can affect how you view the colors. Color rings offer small sample swatches of hair colors that allow you to choose the best match for your bio hair. If your bio hair falls within the blonde color family, you’ll hold the various blonde color swatches up to your hair to determine which one matches best. Be sure to use the color ring fiber that corresponds with the hair topper  you plan to order; traditional synthetic, heat-friendly synthetic, human hair, or human hair/heat-friendly synthetic blend. With our special color ring program, you can purchase a color ring to use for determining your best match and be refunded full price for returning! (All you have to do is just pay shipping).  

 Expert Tip #3 Consider customizing your hair topper color

Can you color human hair toppers? The answer is, yes!  Since alternative hair cannot come in every color variation, and some people have unique hair colors, sometimes you may not be able to find the perfect topper color to match your bio hair. In this case, many people opt for human hair toppers that allow for color customization. Jon Renau offers a line of human hair colors called “RN” or “Renau Naturals” which have been colored without textile-like dyes; this allows a professional stylist to lift or deposit up to three color levels and create a custom root, highlights or lowlights. Always be sure to consult with a professional stylist who is experienced in coloring alternative human hair because it reacts differently to color than bio hair does.

Tip #4 Base size or design allows for greater color variation

The larger your topper base is and the more it covers your bio hair, the less you need to worry about matching color perfectly. For example, if you are choosing a  lace front topper that covers the entire top of your head and front hairline, you will not need to worry about matching the topper root to your natural root. The hair topper will sit on top of your bio hair and it’s likely that only your bio hair will show at the lower lengths. If this is the case, you will only need to ensure that the lower lengths of your hair match the lower lengths of the topper hair. This also allows you the freedom to wear colors that have a slight variation to your bio hair color, which can be fun!

Overall, your hair topper color does not need to be an exact match.  If you follow these expert tips, you will be more successful overall in color matching your hair topper to your biological hair making it look undetectable!


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