Can Hair Toppers Cause Traction Alopecia?

If your hair topper does not fit properly or you are applying it incorrectly, yes- it will cause traction alopecia. Traction Alopecia is a common form of hair loss caused by repetitive pulling and straining the hair. This condition is often triggered by tight hairstyles, as well as hair extensions or hair toppers with clips that place excessive tension on the hair follicles. Even hair topper wearers are at risk of experiencing hair loss if they choose the wrong size or incorrectly apply their hair toppers.


Proven Tips to Avoid Traction Alopecia

Make Sure Your Hair Topper Is The Right Size!
To prevent hair loss, it's crucial to choose a hair topper that fits correctly. Before making a purchase, measure the area of hair loss or coverage you desire. Then, select a topper that is at least 1" larger in length and width than the measured area. This ensures that the topper is securely attached to healthy hair follicles. Need help with measurements? Learn How to Measure for Hair Toppers here.
Master Proper Application and Removal Techniques:
Applying and removing your hair topper correctly is key to avoiding Traction Alopecia. When attaching the topper, use one hand to apply gentle pressure while securing it with the clips from the front to the back. When it's time to remove the topper, carefully unclip the pressure-sensitive clips to release any tension on your natural hair. Get step-by-step guidance on Properly Applying Your Hair Toppers: How to Apply & Remove Hair Toppers
Quick Tip: Rearrange Your Clips:
To minimize the risk of Traction Alopecia, periodically switch the positions of the clips on your hair. This simple action helps distribute tension evenly and reduces strain on specific areas of the scalp.
By following these expert guidelines, you can confidently enjoy the benefits of hair toppers while protecting the health of your natural hair. 

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